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Werner & Ingbar's The Thyroid
A Fundamental and Clinical Text
Braverman, Lewis E. Cooper, David
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Werner & Ingbaru2019s The Thyroid: A Fundamental and Clinical Text, 10th Edition has been extensively revised and streamlined to deliver the most comprehensive coverage of the thyroid including anatomy, development, biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, and treatment of all thyroid disorders. Entirely new chapters on the surgical management of thyroid cancer, thyroid disruptors, and thyroid hormone analogs are in this edition. New authors and an international group of contributors elevate this classic text that includes extensive clinical coverage of thyroid dysfunctionu2019s effects on other organ systems. Also addressed are clinical controversies regarding the ageing thyroid, subclinical hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and thyroid disease in pregnancy.

New to this edition:

·         Twenty-three chapters authored by new contributors and international experts

·         A companion website with fully searchable text for quick reference

·         Three new chapters discuss surgical management of thyroid cancer, thyroid disruptors, and thyroid hormone analogs to keep you up-to-date on the latest advances in the field

SECTION I. THE NORMAL THYROID   PART A. HISTORY, DEVELOPMENT, ANATOMY   Chapter 1 The Heritage of the Thyroid: A Brief History Clark T. Sawin   Chapter 2 Development of the Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Thyroid Axis Pilar Santisteban   Chapter 3 Anatomy and Pathology of the Thyrotrophs Fabio Rotondo, Kalman Kovacs, and Eva Horvath   PART B. THYROID HORMONE SYNTHESIS AND SECRETION   Chapter 4A Thyroid Hormone Synthesis: Thyroid Iodide Transport Nancy Carrasco   Chapter 4B Thyroid Hormone Synthesis Peter Kopp   Chapter 5 Thyroglobulin Structure, Function, and Biosynthesis Hu00e9ctor M. Targovnik   PART C. PERIPHERAL THYROID HORMONE BINDING AND METABOLISM   Chapter 6 Thyroid Hormone Transport Proteins and the Physiology of Hormone Binding Salvatore Benvenga   Chapter 7 Intracellular Pathways of Iodothyronine Metabolism/Implications of Deiodination for Thyroid Hormone Action Antonio C. Bianco and Brian W. Kim   PART D. THYROID HORMONE ACTION   Chapter 8 Genomic and Nongenomic Actions of Thyroid Hormones Paul M. Yen and Gregory A. Brent   Chapter 9 Thyroid Hormone Structure–Function Relationships Stephen D. Ayers, John D. Baxter, and Paul Webb   PART E. FACTORS THAT CONTROL THYROID FUNCTION   Chapter 10A Chemistry and Biosynthesis of Thyrotropin Ronald N. Cohen and Fredric E. Wondisford   Chapter 10B The Thyrotropin Receptor Gilbert Vassart   Chapter 10C Regulation of Thyrotropin Secretion Anthony N. Hollenberg   Chapter 11A Age Related Changes in Thyroid Function Laura Boucai and Martin I. Surks   Chapter 11B Effects of Drugs on TSH Secretion, Thyroid Hormones Absorption, Synthesis, Metabolism, and Action Su00b4ebastien Thalmann and Christoph A. Meier   Chapter 11C Nonthyroidal Illness Syndrome Wilmar M. Wiersinga and Greet Van den Berghe   Chapter 11D Iodine Deficiency and Endemic Cretinism Michael Zimmerman   Chapter 11E Effect of Excess Iodide: Clinical Aspects Elio Roti and Apostolos G. Vagenakis     SECTION II. ASSESSMENT OF THYROID STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION   Chapter 12 Thyroid Radionuclide Uptake and Imaging Studies Richard L. Wahl   Chapter 13A Measuring Serum Thyroid–Stimulating Hormone, Thyroid Hormones, Thyroid-Directed Antibodies, and Transport Proteins Offie P. Soldin   Chapter 13B Measurement of Thyroglobulin Carole Ann Spencer   Chapter 14 Nonisotopic Techniques of Thyroid Imaging Laszlo Hegeduu00a8 s and Finn Noe Bennedbaek   Chapter 15 Physical Examination of the Thyroid Gland James V. Hennessey   Chapter 16 Pathology and Cytopathology Zubair Wahid Baloch and Virginia A LiVolsi     SECTION III. THYROID DISEASES: THYROTOXICOSIS   Chapter 17 Introduction to Thyrotoxicosis Lewis E. Braverman and David S. Cooper   PART A. CAUSES OF THYROTOXICOSIS   Chapter 18A Pathogenesis of Graves’ Disease Terry F. Davies   Chapter 18B Ophthalmopathy Petros Perros and Jane Dickinson   Chapter 18C Thyroid Dermopathy and Thyroid Acropachy Vahab Fatourechi   Chapter 19 Thyrotropin-Induced Thyrotoxicosis Paolo Beck-Peccoz and Luca Persani   Chapter 20 Toxic Adenoma and Toxic Multinodular Goiter Ralf Paschke   Chapter 21 Trophoblastic Tumors Jerome M. Hershman   Chapter 22 Sporadic Painless, Painful Subacute and Acute Infectious Thyroiditis Alan P. Farwell   Chapter 23 Thyrotoxicosis of Extrathyroid Origin Angela M. Leung and Joshua D. Safer   PART B. ORGAN SYSTEM MANIFESTATIONS   Chapter 24 Overview of the Clinical Manifestations of Thyrotoxicosis Henry B. Burch   Chapter 25 The Cardiovascular System in Thyrotoxicosis Irwin Klein and Sara Danzi   Chapter 26 Thyroid Hormones in Thermogenesis, Intermediary Metabolism, and Obesity Thomas Reinehr   Chapter 27 The Male and Female Reproductive System in Thyrotoxicosis Gerasimos E. Krassas and Nikolaos Pontikides   Chapter 28 The Skeletal System in Thyrotoxicosis Graham R. Williams   Chapter 29 Behavioral and Psychiatric Aspects of Thyrotoxicosis Michael Bauer, Mary Samuels, and Peter C. Whybrow   Chapter 30 Thyrotoxic Storm Leonard Wartofsky   PART C. DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT OF THYROTOXICOSIS   Chapter 31 Diagnosis of Thyrotoxicosis Paul W. Ladenson   Chapter 32 Treatment of Thyrotoxicosis David S. Cooper   Chapter 33 Subclinical Thyrotoxicosis Douglas S. Ross     SECTION IV. THYROID DISEASES: HYPOTHYROIDISM   Chapter 34 Introduction to Hypothyroidism Lewis E. Braverman and David S. Cooper   PART A. CAUSES OF HYPOTHYROIDISM   Chapter 35 Chronic Autoimmune Thyroiditis Anthony P. Weetman   Chapter 36 Genetic Defects Causing Hypothyroidism Thomas Vulsma and Jan J.M. de Vijlder   Chapter 37 Primary Hypothyroidism Due to Other Causes Peter A. Singer   Chapter 38 Central Hypothyroidism Luca Persani and Paolo Beck-Peccoz   PART B. ORGAN SYSTEM MANIFESTATIONS OF HYPOTHYROIDISM   Chapter 39 Overview of the Clinical Manifestations of Hypothyroidism Michael T. McDermott   Chapter 40 The Cardiovascular System in Hypothyroidism Irwin Klein and Sara Danzi   Chapter 41 The Male and Female Reproductive System in Hypothyroidism Gerasimos E. Krassas and Nikolaos Pontikides   Chapter 42 The Skeletal System in Hypothyroidism Graham R. Williams   Chapter 43 Psychiatric and Cognitive Effects of Hypothyroidism Kathryn G. Schuff, Mary H. Samuels, Peter C. Whybrow, and Michael Bauer   Chapter 44 Myxedema Coma Leonard Wartofsky   PART C. MANAGEMENT OF HYPOTHYROIDISM   Chapter 45 Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism Paul W. Ladenson   Chapter 46 Treatment of Hypothyroidism Jacqueline Jonklaas   Chapter 47 Subclinical Hypothyroidism Douglas Ross     SECTION V. THYROID DISEASES: NONTOXIC DIFFUSE AND MULTINODULAR GOITER   Chapter 48 Multinodular Goiter: Pathogenesis and Management Hans Graf   Chapter 49 Clinical Evaluation and Management of Thyroid Nodules Susan J. Mandel, Jill E. Langer, and Michael M. Kaplan     SECTION VI. THYROID CANCERS   Chapter 50A Carcinomas of Follicular Epithelium: Epidemiology and Pathogenesis Arthur B. Schneider and Alina V. Brenner   Chapter 50B Molecular Genetics of Tumors of Thyroid Follicular Cells James A. Fagin and Yuri Efimovich Nikiforov   Chapter 50C Carcinoma of the Follicular Epithelium: Surgical Therapy Gregory W. Randolph and Gerard M. Doherty   Chapter 50D Staging and Prognosis of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Richard Kloos   Chapter 50E Medical Management of Differentiated Epithelial Cell Thyroid Cancer Sebastiano Filetti, R. Michael Tuttle, and Steven I. Sherman   Chapter 51 Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma Mimi I. Hu, Camilo Jimenez, Gilbert J. Cote, and Robert F. Gagel   Chapter 52 Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer and Miscellaneous Tumors of the Thyroid Joshua P. Klopper, Madeleine A. Kane, and Bryan R. Haugen     SECTION VII. THE THYROID IN INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD   Chapter 53 The Maturation of Thyroid Function in the Perinatal Period and During Childhood Delbert A. Fisher and Rosalind S. Brown   Chapter 54A Hypothyroidism in Infants and Children:Neonatal Screening Guy Van Vliet and Johnny Deladoey   Chapter 54B Hypothyroidism in Infants and Children: Congenital Hypothyroidism Guy Van Vliet and Johnny Deladoey   Chapter 54C Hypothyroidism in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Acquired Hypothyroidism Guy Van Vliet and Johnny Deladoey   Chapter 55 Hyperthyroidism in the Neonatal Period and Childhood Stephen H. LaFranchi and Cheryl


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