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Libreria medica internazionale
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Thyroid Surgery
Miccoli, Terris, Minuto, Seybt
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This highly practical, full color teaching tool is focused on best surgical practice in thyroid surgery, including the key issue of prevention and management of surgical complications. An accompanying website contains twenty step-by-step surgical videos of thyroid surgery in action. Several chapters are included on brand new surgical techniques, such as robotic and image-localized surgery.

Contributors, vii

Foreword, xi

Preface, xiii

About the companion website, xv

Part I Epidemiology and Acceptable Rates of Complications Following Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery

1 Incidence of Morbidity Following Thyroid Surgery: Acceptable Morbidity Rates, 3
Paolo Miccoli, Michele N. Minuto and Mario Miccoli

2 Medical Malpractice and Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands, 13
Daniel D. Lydiatt and Robert Lindau

3 Extent of Thyroidectomy and Incidence of Morbidity: Risk-appropriate Treatment, 19
Dana M. Hartl and Martin Schlumberger

4 Thyroid Surgery in Paediatric Patients, 33
Scott A. Rivkees, Christopher K. Breuer and Robert Udelsman

Part II Best Practices in Thyroid Surgery

5 How to Perform a 'Safe' Thyroidectomy: 'Tips and Tricks', 45
Elliot J. Mitmaker and Quan-Yang Duh

6 Minimally Invasive Video-assisted Thyroidectomy, 53
Paolo Miccoli, Michele N. Minuto and Piero Berti

7 Robotic Thyroid Surgery, 61
Michael C. Singer and David J. Terris

8 Extensive Surgery for Thyroid Cancer: Central Neck Dissection, 67
Emad H. Kandil, Salem I. Noureldine and Ralph P. Tufano

9 Extensive Surgery for Thyroid Cancer: Lateral Neck Dissection, 79
Dana M. Hartl, Haïtham Mirghani and Daniel F. Brasnu

10 Surgery for Retrosternal/Upper Mediastinal Thyroid/Parathyroid Disease, 93
Jeffrey J. Houlton and David L. Steward

11 Reoperative Thyroid Surgery, 105
N. Gopalakrishna Iyer and Ashok R. Shaha

12 How to Use Energy Devices and their Potential Hazards, 111
Paolo Miccoli and Michele N. Minuto

Part III Intraoperative Complications: The 'Classic' Issues

13 The Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve, 119
David Goldenberg and Gregory W. Randolph

14 The Superior Laryngeal Nerve, 129
Tammy M. Holm and Sara I. Pai

15 The Parathyroid Glands in Thyroid Surgery, 137
Maisie Shindo

16 Cosmetic Complications, 145
Melanie W. Seybt and David J. Terris

Part IV Intraoperative Complications: The Rare Ones

17 Management and Prevention of Laryngotracheal and Oesophageal Injuries in Thyroid Surgery, 153
Eran E. Alon and Mark L. Urken

18 Injury of the Major Vessels, 161
Lourdes Quintanilla-Dieck and Neil D. Gross

19 Lesions Following Lateral Neck Dissection: Phrenic, Vagus and Accessory Nerve Injury, and Chyle Leak, 169
Clive S. Grant

20 Amiodarone-induced Thyrotoxicosis and Thyroid Storm, 179
Fausto Bogazzi, Luca Tomisti, Piero Berti and Enio Martino

Part V Postoperative Complications Requiring Urgent Treatment

21 Respiratory Failure Following Extubation, 191
Moran Amit and Dan M. Fliss

22 Postoperative Bleeding, 199
Richelle T. Williams and Peter Angelos

23 The Occurrence and Management of Pneumothorax in Thyroid Surgery, 209
Kamran Samakar, Jason Wallen and Alfred Simental

Part VI Postoperative Complications

24 The Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve, 221
Michele P. Morrison and Gregory N. Postma

25 The Parathyroids, 227
Claudio Marcocci and Luisella Cianferotti

26 The Rare Ones: Horner's Syndrome, Complications from Surgical Positioning and Post-sternotomy Complications, 237
Lukas H. Kus and Jeremy L. Freeman

27 Late Complications of Thyroid Surgery, 249
Dennis R. Maceri

28 Post-thyroidectomy Distress: Voice and Swallowing Impairment Following Thyroidectomy, 257
Mira Milas and Zvonimir Milas

Part VII New Issues: Complications Following Minimally Invasive and Robotic Techniques

29 Minimally Invasive Techniques Performed Through the Neck Access, 271
Paolo Miccoli, Michele N. Minuto and Valeria Matteucci

30 Minimally Invasive Techniques Performed Through Other Accesses, 275
Kee-Hyun Nam and William B. Inabnet III

31 Complications of Robotic Thyroidectomy, 285
David J. Terris and Michael C. Singer

Part VIII Iatrogenic Hypothyroidism, Metabolic Effects of Post-thyroidectomy Thyroid Hormone Replacement, and Quality of Life after Thyroid Surgery

32 Iatrogenic Hypothyroidism and Its Sequelae, 293
Paolo Vitti and Francesco Latrofa

33 Quality of Life after Thyroid Surgery, 305
Alessandro Antonelli and Poupak Fallahi

Index, 311



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