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Libreria medica internazionale
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The Glaucomas
Sampaolesi, Zárate
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  • Provides detailed practical advice that helps the reader to learn quickly
  • Includes a wealth of knowledge generally ignored in current books on glaucoma, aiding early diagnosis and treatment
  • Almost 1000 illustrations, the majority in color
  • Accompanying DVD of surgical techniques

This second volume in a short series on the glaucomas is devoted to the two main types of the disease, open angle glaucoma and angle closure glaucoma. The contents are based on observations and experience gained during the management of more than 40,000 hospital and 7,000 private patients, with follow-up of 10 to 50 years. The book is comprehensive in scope. All aspects of diagnosis are carefully examined, surgical indications and techniques are explained, and the role of medical treatment is evaluated. Importantly, chapters are included on topics that are frequently overlooked in other books but are important to early diagnosis, such as diurnal pressure curve, HRT, and non-conventional perimetry. This volume provides a wealth of information and includes almost 1000 illustrations, the majority in color, as well as an accompanying DVD of surgical techniques. It will be an invaluable asset for all ophthalmologists.


Table of contents

History.- Concept of Glaucoma, Pathogenesis.- Epidemiology and Etiopathogenia.- Structure and function of the tissues that are in contact with Aqueous Humor.- Aqueous humor. Physiology of the aqueous humor.- Intraocular pressure and its regulation.- Intraocular pressure measurement. Tonometry.- Indentation tonometry.- Ocular rigidity or resistance to distension.- Applanation tonometry.- The role of pachymetry.- Pascal Tonometer: Dynamic contour tonometry.- Continuous IOP monitoring devices. The Micro ocular Glaucoma Holter.- Episcleral venous pressure.- Daily pressure curve.- Early diagnosis of intraocular hypertension. Ibopamine test.- Normal pressure glaucoma. Vasospasm and glaucoma.- Ocular Embriology with Special Reference to Chamber Angle Development.- The Anatomy of the Chamber Angle.- Examination of the Chamber Angle.- Normal Chamber Angle in the adult. Gonioscopic images.- UBM and SL-OCT in primary open angle glaucoma.- Anterior chamber depth and biometry of the anterior chamber.- Embryology and anatomy of the optic nerve and the optic nerve head. Vascular anatomy of the optic nerve.- Ophthalmoscopy of the optic nerve head.- Biomicroscopy of the disc.- Optic disc biometry.- Confocal tomography of the optic nerve head, the HRT.- Confocal tomography of the optic nerve head. The HRT II and III.- Scanning Laser Doppler Flowmeter (HRF).- Scanning laser polarimetry, the GDx.- Correlation between ONH and visual field damage in glaucoma.- Progression of optic nerve head damage and visual field in glaucoma.- Photometry.- Physiology concepts related with the visual field.- Extension of normal visual field.- Campimetry and perimetry.- Campimetry and perimetry with a single variable.- Campimetry and perimetry with two variables.- Considerations on Goldmann Perimetry screen.- Static perimetry.- Visual field defects in glaucoma.- value in clinical glaucoma setting.- Automatic, static, computerized and standardized perimetry.- Glaucoma program G1.- Standard perimetry strategies.- Other psychophysical tests in glaucoma.- Non-conventional perimetry.- Diagnostic and progression criteria.- Classifications of primary glaucomas.- Primary open angle glaucoma.- Medical treatment in glaucoma.- Laser treatment in glaucoma.- Glaucoma surgery.- Angle closure Glaucoma (ACG) and surgery. Mixed etiopathogeny glaucoma.- Glaucoma and cataract.- Glaucoma and myopia.- Molecular biology and histopathology.- Iatrogenics glaucomas.



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