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Te Linde’s Operative Gynecology Thirteenth edition
Handa, Van Le
Wolters Kluwer
196,00 € 170,00 €
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With expert guidance on all aspects of gynecologic surgery, Te Linde's Operative Gynecology, Thirteenth Edition, edited by Drs. Linda Van Le and Victoria L. Handa, remains your go-to-resource from preoperative to postoperative care. Comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on how to perform all contemporary gynecologic procedures, updated diagnostic and management approaches, a greatly expanded illustration program, and new procedural videos, edited by Dr. Danielle Patterson, make this classic text an ideal reference for trainees as well as experienced practitioners.

  • Offers readable, intuitive, and concise guidance from today's best surgeons and teachers
  • Fully updated chapters as well as a new chapter on imaging for the gynecologic surgeon
  • Features high-quality illustrations throughout
  • Includes over 40 new procedural videos, easily accessed in the eBook
  • Provides clear, easy-to-follow roadmaps with “Steps in the Procedure" boxes included for all surgical chapters, and a reorganized table of contents designed for quick reference
  • Contains an expansive section on gynecologic procedures and surgical management of selected conditions

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Contributors v
Video Contributors ix
Preface xii
Preface From First Edition xiii
Video Contents xvi
Postoperative Care
11 Postoperative Care of the Gynecologic
Patient 201
Rajiv B. Gala
12 Postoperative Infections in Gynecologic
Surgery 220
Anna Powell
Preparing for Surgery
1 Surgical Anatomy of the Female Pelvis 3
Marlene M. Corton and John O. L. DeLancey
13 Critical Care of the Gynecologic Patient 232
Duncan J. McLean and William M. Hart
2 Preoperative Care of the Gynecologic
Patient 43
Khara M. Simpson and Karen C. Wang
Contemporary Gynecologic Surgical
Basic Principles of Gynecologic Surgery
14 Dilation and Curettage 249
Ronald T. Burkman and Heather Z. Sankey
3 Anesthesia Primer for the Gynecologist 63
Christine P. McKenzie
15 Hysteroscopy 259
Mindy S. Christianson and Kristin E. Patzkowsky
4 Radiology Primer for the Gynecologist 81
Ersan Altun and Kristen Olinger
16 Surgical Management of Abortion
and Its Complications 284
Amy G. Bryant and Chava Kahn
5 Patient Positioning for Pelvic Surgery 98
Kimberly Kenton and Margaret G. Mueller
17 Surgery for Benign Vulvar Conditions 301
Heather Z. Sankey and Ronald T. Burkman
6 Surgical Techniques, Instruments, and
Suture 110
John T. Soper
7 Principles of Electrical and Laser Energy
Applied to Gynecologic Surgery 129
Magdy P. Milad and Ted L. Anderson
18 Tubal Sterilization 317
Amy G. Bryant and Jessica E. Morse
19 Surgery of the Ovary and Fallopian Tube 333
Sarah L. Cohen Rassier and Antonio R. Gargiulo
20 Surgical Management of Ectopic
Pregnancy 349
Katharine O’Connell White and Paula M. Castaño
8 Incisions for Gynecologic Surgery 147
James J. Burke II
9 Principles of Laparoscopy 173
Amanda Yunker
21 Myomectomy 370
Linda D. Bradley and Tommaso Falcone
10 Principles of Robotic Surgery 189
Arnold P. Advincula and Sierra J. Seaman

35 Vesicovaginal and Rectovaginal Fistula 639
Chi Chiung Grace Chen and Jaime Bashore Long
22 Vaginal Hysterectomy 394
John A. Occhino and John B. Gebhart
36 Repair of Episiotomy and Complex Perineal
Lacerations 668
Dana R. Gossett and Christina Lewicky-Gaupp
23 Abdominal Hysterectomy 416
Laurie S. Swaim and Audra E. Timmins
24 Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy-
Laparoscopic and Robotic-Assisted
Hysterectomy 439
Ted L. Anderson and Ronald D. Alvarez
Complications of Pelvic Surgery
37 Management of Intraoperative Complications
to the Urinary Tract 679
E. James Wright
38 Management of Operative Complications to the
Gastrointestinal Tract 696
Mitchel Hoffman and Emmanuel E. Zervos
Gynecologic Oncology
25 Surgery for Preinvasive Disease of
the Cervix 459
Leslie H. Clark
26 Surgery for Preinvasive and Invasive
Disease of the Vulva and Vagina 469
Ryan J. Spencer and David M. Kushner
39 Management of Surgical Hemorrhage 729
Emma Rossi
Surgical Management of Selected
Gynecologic Conditions
40 Surgical Management of Pelvic Pain
and Endometriosis 747
Matthew T. Siedhoff and Erin T. Carey
41 Surgical Management of Pelvic Inflammatory
Disease 762
Matthew T. Siedhoff and Michelle Louie
42 Surgical Management of Reproductive Tract
Anomalies 772
Jennifer E. Dietrich
43 Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologic
Surgery 789
Geri Hewitt
27 Surgery for Uterine Cancer 488
Edward Tanner
28 Surgery for Cervical Cancer 505
Nadeem R. Abu-Rustum and Vance A. Broach
29 Surgery for Ovarian Cancer 529
Ritu Salani and Mae Zakhour
Surgery for Pelvic Floor Disorders
30 Transvaginal Apical Suspensions for
Uterovaginal Prolapse 551
Robert E. Gutman
31 Sacrocolpopexy 571
Anthony G. Visco
32 Colporrhaphy and Enterocele Repair 584
Cara Grimes and Patrick Popiel
44 Surgery for Obstetric Hemorrhage 804
Jason D. Wright and Fady Khoury-Collado
33 Midurethral Slings and Surgery for Stress
Urinary Incontinence 603
Renée M. Ward
Index 819
34 Colpocleisis 629
Melinda G. Abernethy



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