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Surgical Anatomy and Technique Surgical Anatomy and Technique - A Pocket Manual
Skandalakis, Skandalakis
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  • Revised and updated new edition
  • Richly illustrated with over 700 figures
  • A handy pocket manual format

Generations of residents and general surgeons have relied upon and worn out their copies of Surgical Anatomy and Technique: A Pocket Manual. Thoroughly revised and with dozens of new illustrations, the fourth edition continues the tradition of providing a concise, accessible, and generously illustrated memory refresher for both novice and experienced clinicians.


The editors have included techniques to keep the content fresh, relevant, and practice-based. Among the new topics are hand surgery, a section on central venous access, and creating an AV fistula for dialysis.  All the existing chapters have been updated and expanded to reflect current surgical approaches and instrumentation.


This fourth edition of Surgical Anatomy and Technique: A Pocket Manual provides the gold standard in correlating clear, practical anatomy with the correct technique in the pursuit of the best possible patient outcomes. This handy pocket manual remains a "must have" for every resident and general surgeon.                 

Chapter 1 Skin, Scalp, and Nail
  Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 2 Neck
  Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 3 Breast
  Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 4 Abdominal Wall and Hernias
  Lee J. Skandalakis and C. Daniel Smith
Chapter 5  Diaphragm
  Lee J. Skandalakis and C. Daniel Smith
Chapter 6 Esophagus
  Seth D. Force, Daniel L. Miller, Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 7 Stomach
  Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 8 Duodenum
  Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 9 Pancreas
  Harrison Scott Pollinger, Marty T. Sellers, Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 10 Small Intestine
  Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 11 Appendix
  Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 12 Colon and Anorectum
  Monica Hum and Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 13 Liver
  Marty T. Sellers and Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 14 Extrahepatic Biliary Tract
  Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 15 Spleen
  Lee J. Skandalakis and C. Daniel Smith
Chapter 16 Adrenal Glands
  Lee J. Skandalakis and C. Daniel Smith
Chapter 17 Vascular System
  Deepak G. Nair, Robert B. Smith III, Eyal Ben-Arie, Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 18 Uterus, Tubes, and Ovaries
  Ramon A. Suarez and Lee J. Skandalakis
Chapter 19 Carpal Tunnel
  John Gray Seiler III
Chapter 20 Microsurgical Procedures
  John Gray Seiler, III and Petros Mirilas
Chapter 21 Miscellaneous Procedures
  Lee J. Skandalakis

Chapter 22 Bariatric Surgery

Kevin McGill, Charles Procter and Lee Skandalakis



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