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Libreria medica internazionale
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Stroke Syndromes, 3ed
Caplan, van Gijn
Cambridge University Press
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The first two editions of Stroke Syndromes were widely welcomed as authoritative reference works in the assessment and diagnosis of stroke. This revised and updated third edition remains the definitive guide to patterns and syndromes in stroke. A comprehensive survey of all types of neurological, neurophysiological and other clinical dysfunction due to stroke. The book contains descriptions of clinical problems encountered in stroke patients and their differential diagnosis, enhancing pattern recognition and enabling clinicians to differentiate between possible locations on the basis of symptoms and signs. The companion volume Uncommon Causes of Stroke completes this highly authoritative reference work which clinicians in neurology will find essential to the understanding and diagnosis of stroke.

  • Well illustrated and heavily referenced, offering a comprehensive survey of all aspects of dysfunction due to stroke
  • Emphasizes modern diagnosis and treatment
  • Edited by leading international authorities in stroke medicine


Part I. Clinical Manifestations:
1. Hemiparesis and other types of motor weakness Adria Arboix and Josep Marti-Vilalta
2. Sensory abnormalities Jung S. Kim
3. Cerebellar ataxia Chris Diener and Dagmar Timmann
4. Cognitive and behavioral abnormalities secondary to cerebellar stroke Jeremy Schmahmann
5. Headache: stroke symptoms and signs Conrad Estol
6. Eye movement abnormalities Shirley Wray and Louis R. Caplan
7. Cerebral visual dysfunction Jarson Barton and Louis R. Caplan
8. Visual symptoms Shirley Wray
9. Vestibular syndromes and vertigo Marianne Dieterich and Thomas Brandt
10. Auditory disorders in stroke Robert Baloh
11. Abnormal movements Joseph Ghika
12. Seizures and stroke Chris Bladin and Geoff Donnan
13. Disturbances of sleep Claudio Bassetti
14. Coma and decreased levels of consciousness Eelco Wijdicks
15. Aphasia and stroke Argye Hillis and Elisabeth Marsh
16. Agitation and delirium John Brust and Louis R. Caplan
17. Frontal lobe stroke syndromes Randolph Marshall
18. Memory loss Jose Ferro and Isabel Martins
19. Neurobehavioral aspects of deep hemisphere stroke Jose Ferro and A. Verdelho
20. Right hemisphere syndromes Elliott Ross and Louis R. Caplan
21. Post-stroke dementia Dider Leys and Florence Pasquier
22. Disorders of mood and behavior Randolph Marshall
23. Agnosias, apraxias and callosal disconnection syndromes Arnaud Saj and Patrik Vuilleumier
24. Muscle and peripheral nerve manifestations of stroke Rick Logigian and Pariwat Thaisettawatkul
25. Cardiac and autonomic manifestations of stroke E. Camargo and M. Samuels
26. Dysarthria Edward Feldmann
27. Dysphagia and aspiration syndromes Sandeep Kumar
28. Respiratory dysfunction F. Vingerhoets
Part II. Vascular Topographic Syndromes:
29. Arterial territories of the human brain Laurent Tatu, Thierry Moulin, Fabrice Vuillier and Julien Bogousslavsky
30. Middle cerebral arteries J. P. Mohr
31. Anterior cerebral artery John Brust
32. Anterior choroidal artery territory infarcts Cathy Helgason and Louis R. Caplan
33. Thalamic infarcts and hemorrhages Michel Barth and Louise R. Caplan
34. Caudate infarcts and hemorrhages Chin-Sang Chung and Louis R. Caplan
35. Posterior cerebral artery C. Chaves and Louis R. Caplan
36. Large and panhemispheric infarcts R. Kollmar, J. Bosel and S. Schwab
37. Multiple and bihemispheric infarcts Emre Kumral
38. Midbrain infarcts M. Hommel and Louis R. Caplan
39. Pontine infarcts and hemorrhages Chin-Sang Chung and Louis R. Caplan
40. Medullary infarcts and hemorrhages Jung S. Kim
41. Cerebellar infarcts Mikael Mazighi and P. Amarenco
42. Border zone infarcts E. Bernd Ringelstein, Ralph Dittrich and Dittrich Stogbauer
43. Lacunar syndromes J. Bamford
44. Basal ganglia hemorrhages Chin-Sang Chung, Kwang-Yeol Park and Louis R. Caplan
45. Lobar hemorrhages Carlos Kase
46. Intraventricular hemorrhages D. Hanley and W. Ziai
47. Subarachnoid hemorrhage syndromes Jan van Gijn and G. Rinkel
48. Brain venous thrombosis syndromes Jérome Mawet, Isabelle Crassard and Marie-Germaine Bousser
49. Carotid occlusion syndromes Seemant Chaturvedi
50. Cervical artery dissection syndromes Marcel Arnold, Heinrich P. Mattle and Mathias Sturzenegger
51. Intracranial artery dissections C. Estol and Louis R. Caplan
52. Syndromes related to large artery thromboembolism in the posterior circulation Louis R. Caplan
53. Spinal stroke syndromes Mathias Sturzenegger


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