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Libreria medica internazionale
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Sleep, Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease
Cambridge University Press
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The relationship between sleep disorders – in particular sleep apnea, a highly prevalent condition – and common vascular disturbances such as stroke and hypertension is an area of active research. Summarizing the clinical evidence to date between sleep disorders and vascular pathology, this is the first time a comprehensive overview of this relationship has been covered in a single volume. Bringing together some of the world's most renowned authors in the field, Sleep, Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease contains recommended treatment plans – allowing for rapid and accurate diagnosis and management of patients – enabling learning from real experience. Of interest, not only, to specialists who intervene in diagnosis and management of sleep and stroke disorders such as neurologists, cardiologists and pulmonologists, the book will also be of value to primary-care practitioners, allowing them to arrive at better diagnoses and management of sleep and vascular disorders.


• Provides summary of the clinical evidence linking sleep disorders and vascular pathology
• Case studies allow learning from real experience
• Written by world-leading researchers


Table of Contents

1. Overview of sleep and stroke Antonio Culebras
2. Sleep apnea, oxidative stress, pro-inflammatory vascular risk factors and endothelial disease Slava Berger and Lena Lavie
3. Sleep apnea, autonomic dysfunction and vascular diseases Pietro Cortelli and Federica Provini
4. Sleep apnea and hypertension: a clinical perspective Nishida Barot and Clete A. Kushida
5. Sleep apnea, stroke risk factors and the arousal response Mark Eric Dyken, George B. Richerson and Kyoung Bin Im
6. Sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation Apoor S. Gami
7. Patent foramen ovale, obstructive sleep apnea and its relation to ischemic stroke Alejandro M. Forteza
8. Pathogenesis of cerebral small-vessel disease in obstructive sleep apnea Gustavo C. Román
9. Sleep apnea and acute stroke deterioration Kristian Barlinn and Andrei V. Alexandrov
10. Effect of CPAP on stroke risk factors and stroke Malcolm Kohler and John R. Stradling
11. Rehabilitation of stroke and sleep apnea Behrouz Jafari and Vahid Mohsenin
12. Restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movements in sleep and vascular risk factors Federica Provini
13. Physician as patient: a personal story of stroke Harold R. Smith


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