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Libreria medica internazionale
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Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound
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Emergency bedside ultrasound assessment is well established for adult patients, but has only recently been introduced into everyday clinical practice for the care of pediatric patients. Pediatric Emergency Critical Care and Ultrasound is a concise, practical text which explains the principles of ultrasound, its diagnostic application in all organ systems and its use as a procedural adjunct. Both well-established and innovative applications are described, assisting the practitioner in incorporating ultrasound into daily practice, facilitating patient care and decreasing radiation exposure. Case studies and abundant illustrations enable the reader to study the appropriate techniques in detail and learn from real examples from the pediatric emergency department and intensive care unit. Pediatric Emergency Critical Care and Ultrasound is the first comprehensive bedside ultrasonography resource focusing on pediatric patients and is essential reading not only for pediatric emergency medicine subspecialists but for all emergency physicians, intensivists/critical care physicians and pediatricians.

  • The first comprehensive textbook for pediatric bedside ultrasound
  • Illustrations and images depict techniques, facilitating learning of bedside ultrasonography
  • Case studies describe common pediatric-specific applications, enabling learning from examples of real pediatric patients
  • Written and edited by world-renowned experts and pioneers in both emergency ultrasound and pediatric emergency ultrasound


Table of Contents

Foreword J. Christian Fox and Rebecca Kasl
Part I. Ultrasound Fundamentals: Introduction Stephanie J. Doninger
1. Ultrasound fundamentals Alyssa Abo
2. Getting started Jason Levy
3. Ultrasound in austere environments Dana R. Sajed and Vicki E. Noble
Part II. Diagnostic Ultrasound: Introduction Stephanie J. Doninger
4. Extended-focused assessment of sonography for trauma (E-FAST) H. F. Samuel Lam
5. Limited echocardiography Stephanie J. Doninger
6. Pulmonary ultrasound Fernando Silva and Roberto Copetti
7. IVC, aorta assessment Faiza Al Talaq and Vicki E.Noble
8. HEENT: ocular, sinus, neck ultrasound Jennifer Marin and Arun Nagdev
9. Renal, bladder David Kessler
10. The pediatric abdomen Adam Sivitz
11. Hepatobiliary Alex Arroyo
12. Male genitourinary: scrotal pain, swelling Joshua Rempell and Andrew S. Liteplo
13. Obstetrics Heidi Ladner and Tony Berger
14. Pelvic: gynecology Katja Goldflam and Resa Lewiss
Part III. Procedural Ultrasound: Introduction Stephanie J. Doninger
15. Vascular access David Spear and Stephanie J. Doninger
16. Bladder ultrasound for suprapubic aspiration and catheterization Alex Arroyo
17. Ultrasound guided lumbar puncture Alyssa Abo
18. Soft tissue applications Daniela Ramirez-Schrempp and Andrew S. Liteplo
19. Orthopedics: extremity fractures, reductions and arthrocentesis Antonio Riera and Lei Chen
20. Peripheral nerve blocks Jason W. J. Fischer
21. Pericardiocentesis, thoracentesis, and paracentesis Rebecca L. Vieira
Part IV. Special Populations: Introduction Stephanie J. Doninger
22. Cutting-edge procedures: airway Randall T. Rhyne, Jamie A. Jenkins and Beatrice Hoffmann
23. Neonates and infants Alaa Eldermerdash, Mahmoud Elbarbary and Stephanie J. Doninger
24. The critically ill: respiratory and hemodynamic support Mahmoud Elbarbary



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