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Optimizing Pharmacotherapy in Older Patients
An Interdisciplinary Approach
Cherubini, Mangoni, O’Mahony, Petrovic
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This book summarizes the broad and rapidly evolving field of geriatric pharmacotherapy, which is becoming increasingly relevant for practicing physicians who care and prescribe medications for older patients. Around the globe, ageing populations are associated with an increased prevalence of chronic diseases. Older adults are often affected by multimorbidity, i.e., suffer from more than one chronic disease. The main consequence of multimorbidity is polypharmacy, which is commonly defined as the regular use of five or more medicines. Polypharmacy has now reached epidemic proportions in our societies, and is associated with an increased risk of drug-drug interactions, drug-disease interactions and adverse drug reactions. The management of polypharmacy in older patients with complex multimorbidity poses several challenges and needs to be based on specific knowledge and prescribing expertise.

The aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive update on the field, and to share the expertise needed to optimize the management of pharmacotherapy in older patients.

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-ix


  2. General Issues

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1


    2. The Impact of Ageing on Pharmacokinetics

      • Arduino A. Mangoni, Elzbieta A. Jarmuzewska

      Pages 3-14

    3. Polypharmacy: Definition, Epidemiology, Consequences and Solutions

      • Donal Fitzpatrick, Paul F. Gallagher

      Pages 15-31

    4. Drug–Drug and Drug–Nutrients Interactions: From Theory to Clinical Relevance

      • Eline M. de Koning, Jeannine Huisbrink, Wilma Knol

      Pages 33-46

    5. Inappropriate Prescription of Medicines

      • Denis O’Mahony

      Pages 47-58

    6. Prescribing Cascades

      • Shelley A. Sternberg, Jerry H. Gurwitz, Paula A. Rochon

      Pages 59-68

    7. Adverse Drug Reactions in Older People: A Twenty-First Century View

      • Mary Randles, Denis O’Mahony

      Pages 69-80

    8. Adherence: How to Measure and Improve It

      • Alessandra Marengoni, Laura J. Sahm

      Pages 81-90

    9. Medication Reconciliation and Review: Theory, Practice and Evidence

      • Tamasine Grimes, Cristin Ryan

      Pages 91-104

    10. The Role of Pharmacists in Optimising Drug Therapy

      • Anne Spinewine, Stephen Byrne, Olivia Dalleur

      Pages 105-117

    11. Deprescribing: Evidence Base and Implementation

      • Denis Curtin, Denis O’Mahony

      Pages 119-128

  3. Geriatric Syndromes and Common Chronic Conditions

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 129-129


    2. General Principles of Management of Patients with Multimorbidity and Frailty

      • Camilla Cocchi, Graziano Onder, Maria Beatrice Zazzara

      Pages 131-142

    3. Frailty and Drug Therapy

      • Annette Eidam, Matteo Cesari, Jürgen M. Bauer

      Pages 143-159

    4. Falls and Impaired Mobility

      • Lotta Seppala, Nathalie van der Velde

      Pages 161-172

    5. Optimizing Pharmacotherapy in Older Patients: Delirium

      • Giuseppe Bellelli, Alessandro Morandi

      Pages 173-183

    6. Optimizing Pharmacotherapy in Older Adults: Urinary Incontinence

      • Antoine Vella, Claudio Pedone

      Pages 185-198

    7. Constipation

      • Giammarco Fava

      Pages 199-215

    8. Pain

      • Sophie Pautex, Monica Escher, Petra Vayne-Bossert

      Pages 217-227

    9. Geriatric Syndromes and Common Chronic Conditions

      1. Hypertension

        • Timo E. Strandberg, Mirko Petrovic, Athanase Benetos

        Pages 229-237

      2. Heart Failure

        • T. L. De Backer, A. A. Mangoni

        Pages 239-267

      3. Pharmacological Treatment of Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders in Dementia

        • F. Trotta, L. Biscetti, A. Cherubini

        Pages 269-287

      4. Pharmacological Treatment of Osteoporosis in Older Patients

        • Marian Dejaeger, Jolan Dupont, Michaël R. Laurent, Evelien Gielen

        Pages 289-309

      5. Chronic Respiratory Disease: COPD, IPF

        • Raffaele Antonelli Incalzi, Filippo Luca Fimognari

        Pages 311-330

      6. Diabetes Mellitus

        • Edoardo Mannucci, Daniele Scoccimarro

        Pages 331-347

      7. Stroke Therapeutics in the Care of Older Persons

        • A. Bahk, F. A. Kirkham, Y. T. Ng, Chakravarthi Rajkumar

        Pages 349-367

      8. Optimizing Pharmacotherapy in Older Patients with Depression or Anxiety

        • Sylvie Bonin-Guillaume

        Pages 369-379

      9. Nutritional Deficiency and Malnutrition

        • Eva Kiesswetter, Cornel C. Sieber

        Pages 381-389

      10. Pharmacotherapy of Insomnia in Older Adults

        • Mirko Petrovic

        Pages 391-404

      11. Optimizing Pharmacotherapy in Older Patients: An Interdisciplinary Approach: Chronic Kidney Disease

        • Andrea Corsonello, Antonello Rocca, Carmela Lo Russo, Luca Soraci

        Pages 405-426

      12. Palliation at End of Life

        • Joanne Droney, Phoebe Wright, Dola Awoyemi

        Pages 427-440

    10. Back Matter

      Pages 441-445


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