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Movement Disorder Emergencies
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  • Fully updated and expanded with nine additional chapters
  • Patient vignettes at the beginning of each chapter and updated video vignettes (provided online) of physician-patient interactions illustrate virtually all of the movement disorders described in the text
  • Comprehensive discussion of broad range of disorders, including acute dystonic reactions, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, acute parkinsonism, startle syndromes, tic emergencies, and many others
Updated and expanded with nine additional chapters, Movement Disorder Emergencies: Diagnosis and Treatment, Second Edition is an indispensable resource for general neurologists, specialists, fellows, and residents eager to improve their approach toward the patient with a movement disorder emergency. In this comprehensive second edition, prominent neurologists from around the world logically and systematically review the major movement disorder emergencies, instructing the reader on how optimally to recognize and manage these problems. The authors cover a broad range of disorders, including acute dystonic reactions, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, startle syndromes, tic emergencies, and others; and they stress the importance of certain obvious diagnoses such as Wilson's disease, dopa-responsive dystonia, and Whipple's disease, in which delayed diagnosis in less emergent situations can lead to slowly evolving and often irreversible neurologic damage with tragic consequences. In addition, nine topics not covered in the first edition are provided, including genetic counseling and testing crises, suicide risk, psychogenic movement disorders, and others. Patient vignettes at the beginning of each chapter focus the reader's attention and highlight the urgency of the problem. Since astute clinical diagnosis of many movement disorders is still largely dependent on visual pattern recognition in the clinic, an accompanying online collection of physician-patient vignettes illustrates virtually all of the movement disorders described in the text. Importantly, the authors also discuss a range of new treatment paradigms that have emerged since publication of the first edition, especially deep brain stimulation. Authoritative and a leading text in the field, Movement Disorder Emergencies: Diagnosis and Treatment, Second Edition is an established, practical reference that continues to achieve excellence in the field of diagnosis and management of movement disorder emergencies.

Table of contents

Ch 1: A Brief Introduction to Movement

                        Steven J. Frucht


            Ch 2: Acute Parkinsonism

                        Joseph H. Friedman

                        Hubert H. Fernendez


            Ch 3: Parkinsonism-Hyperpyrexia Syndrome in Parkinson’s Disease

                        Stewart A. Factor

                        Daniel E. Huddleston


            Ch 4: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

                        Stanley N. Caroff

                        Stephan C. Mann

Kenneth A. Sullivan

                        E. Cabrina Campbell


            Ch 5: Malignant Catatonia

                        Stephan C. Mann

                        Stanley N. Caroff

                        Henry R. Bleier

                        E. Cabrina Campbell


            Ch 6: Psychosis and Parkinson’s Disease

                        Christina L. Vaughan

                        Jennifer G. Goldman


            Ch 7: Abductor Paresis in Shy-Drager Disease

                        Eiji Isozaki


            Ch 8: Movement Disorder Emergencies of ohe Upper Aerodigestive Tract

                        Lesley Childs

                        Scott Rickert

                        Boris Bentsianov

                        Ajay Chitkara

                        Anthony Cultrara

                        Andrew Blitzer


            Ch 9: Dystonic Storm

                        Melissa J. Nirenberg

                        Blair Ford


            Ch 10: Pseudodystonic Emergencies

                        Jong-Min Kim

                        Beom S. Jeon


            Ch 11: Tardive and Neuroleptic-Induced Emergencies

                        Paul E. Greene

                        Steven J. Frucht


            Ch 12: Hemiballism-Hemichorea

                        Ronald B. Postuma

                        Anthony E. Lang


            Ch 13: Sydenham’s chorea, PANDAS and other Post-streptococcal neurological disorders

                        Roser Pons


            Ch 14: Emergencies in Huntington’s Disease

                        Kathleen M. Shannon


            Ch 15: Acute Spinal Rigidity

                        PD Thompson


            Ch 16: Tic Emergencies

                        Vanessa K. Hinson

                        Christopher G. Goetz


            Ch 17: Malignant Phonic Tics

                        Joseph Jankovic


            Ch 18: Serotonin Syndrome

                        Mark Forrest Gordon

                        Adena N. Leder


            Ch 19: Risks and Dangers From Hyperekplexia and Other Startle Disorders

                        Frederick Andermann

                        Eva Andermann


            Ch 20: Perioperative emergencies associated with deep brain stimulation

                        Takashi Morishita

                        Adam P. Burdick

                        Michael S. Okun


            Ch 21: Psychogenic Movement Disorders

                        Daniel Schneider

                        Daniel T. Williams


            Ch 22: Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis and other autoimmune and paraneoplastic movement disorders

                        Jessica Panzer

                        Josep Dalmau


            Ch 23: Wilson’s disease

                        George J Brewer


            Ch 24: Dopa-Responsive Dystonia

                        Yoshiaki Furukawa

                        Mark Guttman

                        Shinichiro Nakamura

                        Stephen J. Kish


            Ch 25: Whipple’s Disease

                        Eoin Mulroy

                        John Lynch

                        Tim Lynch


            Ch 26: Driving risk in patients with movement disorders

                        Ergun Y. Uc


            Ch 27: Genetics and Genetic Counseling Related Issues

                        Martha A. Nance


            Ch 28: Suicide risk in Parkinson’s disease

                        Valerie Voon



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