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Motor Control
Translating Research into Clinical Practice
Shumway-Cook, Anne Woollacott, Marjorie H
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Motor Control is the only text to bridge the gap between current motor control research and its applications to clinical practice. The text prepares therapists to examine and treat patients with problems related to balance, mobility, and upper extremity function, based on the best available evidence supporting clinical practice. This edition provides the latest research findings and their clinical applications in postural control, mobility, and upper extremity function. Drawings, charts, tables, and photographs are also included to clarify postural control and functional mobility, and laboratory activities and case studies are provided to reinforce key concepts.

Videos on the back-of-book DVD examine motor control deficits, including deficits in postural control, mobility, and upper extremity function in different types of neurologic pathology (stroke, cerebellar pathology, cerebral palsy, and Parkinson's disease) as well as in balance impaired elders. These videos can be viewed in their entirety or in the following segments: impairments, postural control, mobility, and upper extremity control. This video enhances the clinical coverage found in the textbook.

Part I: Theoretical Framework

1: Motor Control: Issues and Theories
2: Motor Learning and Recovery of Function
3: Physiology of Motor Control
4: Physiological Basis of Motor Learning and Recovery of Function
5: Constraints on Motor Control: An Overview of Neurologic Impairments
6: A Conceptual Framework for Clinical Practice

Part II: Postural Control
7: Normal Postural Control
8: Development of Postural Control
9: Aging and Postural Control
10: Abnormal Postural Control
11: Clinical Management of the Patient with Postural Control Disorder

Part III: Mobility Functions
12: Control of Normal Mobility
13: A Life Span Perspective of Mobility
14: Abnormal Mobility
15: Clinical Management of the Patient with a Mobility Disorder

Part IV: Reach, Grasp, and Manipulation
16: Normal Reach, Grasp, and Manipulation
17: Reach, Grasp, and Manipulation: Changes Across the Life Span
18: Abnormal Reach, Grasp, and Manipulation
19 Clinical Management of the Patient with Reach, Grasp, or Manipulation Disorders



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