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Libreria medica internazionale
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Maternal Critical Care A Multidisciplinary Approach
van de Velde, Scholefield, Plante
Cambridge University Press
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If you are an obstetrician whose patient has been admitted to ICU, you need to know how she is managed there. If you are an intensivist, you need to adapt to changes in physiology, alter techniques for the pregnant patient and keep the fetus from harm. This book addresses the challenges of managing critically ill obstetric patients by providing a truly multidisciplinary perspective. Almost every chapter is co-authored by both an intensivist/anesthesiologist and an obstetrician/maternal-fetal medicine expert to ensure that the clinical guidance reflects best practice in both specialties. Topics range from the purely medical to the organizational and the sociocultural, and each chapter is enhanced with color images, tables and algorithms. Written and edited by leading experts in anesthesiology, critical care medicine, maternal-fetal medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology, this is an important resource for anyone who deals with critically ill pregnant or postpartum patients.

  • Unprecedented collaboration between anesthesiologists, intensivists, obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine experts acknowledges and addresses the concerns of each of these specialties and the challenges of managing seriously or critically ill obstetric patients
  • Provides an international perspective, with each chapter co-authored by experts from different regions of the world
  • Algorithms, images and tables ensure that information can be quickly assimilated by the reader


List of contributors
Part I. General Non-Medical Considerations:
1. The scope for maternal critical care: epidemiology Victoria M. Allen, Thomas F. Baskett and Kathryn M. Rowan
2. Service organization: hospital and departmental Gerda G. Zeeman, Nadir Sharawi and Geraldine O'Sullivan
3. Competency and personnel Helen Scholefield and Lauren A. Plante
4. Planning for elective and emergency problems Clemens M. Ortner, Ruth Landau, Clare Fitzpatrick and Leanne Bricker
5. Midwifery and nursing issues in the intensive care setting Wendy Pollock and Kate Morse
6. Decisions related to the beginning and end of life Frank A. Chervenak and Laurence B. McCullough
7. Support of the family and staff Renee D. Boss and Carl Waldman
8. Recovery from intensive care and the next pregnancy Hennie Lombaard and Neil S. Seligman
9. Maternal critical care in the developing world Fatima Paruk, Jack Moodley, Paul Westhead and Josaphat K. Byamugisha
Part II. General Medical Considerations:
10. Physiological changes of pregnancy Lisa E. Moore and Nigel Pereira
11. Management of coagulopathy Lawrence C. Tsen and Dianne Plews
12. Acute collapse and resuscitation Larry Leeman and Alexandre Mignon
13. But what about the fetus? Lauren A. Plante and Alex Sia
14. Pharmacology, pharmokinetics, and management of the patient after overdose Edward J. Hayes and Warwick D. Ngan Kee
15. Shock Sreedhar Gaddapati and Marcel Vercauteren
16. Brain death and sematic support Sarah Armstrong and Roshan Fernando
Part III. Special Critical Care Tools and Techniques:
17. Airway management Felicity Plaat and Alison MacArthur
18. Mechanical ventilation Paul Marik, David Grooms and Malachy O. Columb
19. Sedation and pain management Thierry Girard
20. Nutrition Michael P. Casaer, Jean Cox and Sharon T. Phelan
21. Monitoring the critically ill gravida Emily Gordon, Lauren A. Plante and Clifford S. Deutschman
22. Imaging issues in maternal critical care Melina Pectasides, Filip Claus and Susanna I. Lee
Part IV. The Pregnant Patient with Coexisting Disease:
23. Cardiovascular disease Els Troost and Meredith Birsner
24. Respiratory disease Stephen E. Lapinsky, Laura C. Price and Catherine Nelson-Piercy
25. Thromboembolism Andra H. James and Ian A. Greer
26. Neurologic disease and neurological catastrophes Cynthia A. Wong and Roland Devlieger
27. Acute kidney injury in pregnancy and critical care emergencies Michelle Hladunewich and John Davison
28. Cancer Kristel Van Calsteren and Frederic Amant
29. Endocrine disease Patricia Peticca, Erin Keely and Tracey Johnston
30. Acute abdomen Steve Lu, Nova Szoka, Ulrich J. Spreng and Vegard Dahl
31. Sepsis Luis D. Pacheco and Joost J. Zwart
32. Trauma Andrew Tang, Bellal Joseph, Charles Cox and Peter Rhee
33. Malaria, bites and stings during pregnancy Carlo Missant
34. Pregnancy and liver disease Chris Verslype and Michael P. Plevyak
35. Autoimmune disease Karim Djekidel and Bob Silver
Part V. Serious Problems Related to Pregnancy:
36. Pre-eclampsia Leiv Arne Rosseland, Helen Ryan, Laura A. Magee and Peter von Dadelszen
37. Acute fatty liver of pregnancy Linda Watkins and Mieke Soens
38. Peripartum cardiomyopathy Michelle Walters, Marc Van de Velde, Steven Dymarkowski and Helen Scholefield
39. Obstetric hemorrhage Sina Haeri, Vicki Clark and Michael A. Belfort
40. Anaphylactoid syndrome of pregnancy (amniotic fluid embolus) Derek Tufnell, Giorgio Capogna and Silvia Stirparo
41. Maternal complications of fetal surgery Jan Deprest and Kha M. Tran


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