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Libreria medica internazionale
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Intraoperative Neuromonitoring
Loftus, Biller, Baron
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The essential guide to monitoring neural function during intricate neurosurgery procedures

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring takes you step by step through the proper protocols for measuring and mapping neural function, emphasizing the correct application of intraoperative recordings for improved surgical outcomes. You will learn how to utilize the very latest neuromonitoring tools, and familiarize yourself with the full range of topics pertaining to intraoperative monitoring in neurosurgery. The authors also present both common and lesser-known techniques for neural assessment, resulting in a stand-alone reference that helps you master any type of neuromonitoring for virtually every kind of procedure.


  • The most complete, expert-authored intraoperative neuromonitoring resource available, addressing the most current topics, tools, and techniques to enhance your skills
  • Valuable, learn-as-you-go guidance on measuring and mapping neural structures focuses on the proper evaluation of pertinent patient data and providing the surgeon with accurate updates through the duration of the case
  • Logical five-part organization clearly explains must-know topics such as neuromonitoring during cerebrovascular surgery, mapping cerebral and brainstem function, neuromonitoring in spinal surgery peripheral nerve procedures,and more
  • Numerous illustrations, figures, surgical images, and angiograms
  • Full chapter-ending references provide opportunities for further study and research

1. Medico Legal Aspects of Intraoperative Monitoring M.R. Nuwer Vascular Procedures 2. Carotid Reconstruction 3. Transcranial Doppler 4. Cortical Blood Flow Monitoring .... 5. Brain Tissue Oxygenation Monitoring 6. SSEP & BAEP monitoring during cerebrovascular surgery , 7. Motor Evoked Potentials during Cerebrovascular Surgery 8. Microvascular Doppler in Neurosurgery 9. Intraoperative Arteriography . Cranial Tumor and Functional Procedures 10. Anesthetic Considerations 11. SSEPs: Identifying the Motor Cortex 12. Electrocorticography/Epillepsy Monitoring 13. Functional and Localization techniques during tumor surgery 14. Monitoring during surgery for Movement Disorders 15. BAEP?s during posterior Fossa Procedures 16. Facial and Lower Cranial Nerve Monitoring 17. NIMS monitoring of the recurrent laryngeal nerve during anterior cervical surgery 18. Brain Stem Mapping Spine Procedures 18. Neuromonitoring for pediatric deformity 19. Multimodality Monitoring setup for Spine Procedures 20. Motor Evoked Potentials 21. Somatosensory Evoked Potentials


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