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Libreria medica internazionale
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Imported Skin Diseases
Faber, Hay, Naafs
114,00 €
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Global movement of people leads to the global movement of disease

International travel enables skin diseases to move around the world with increasing ease. Skin diseases transmitted through casual contact with people, animal vectors and a foreign environment are particularly prone to transport. Dermatologists need to recognize the signs and symptoms of disease not native to their environment to enable proper diagnosis and care.

Imported Skin Diseases provides a clinical guide to the foreign diseases increasingly seen in ‘Western’ clinics. With a focus on accurate diagnosis and effective therapy, the book covers:

  • Differences between pigmented and non-pigmented skin
  • Viral, bacterial and fungal Infections
  • Parasitic infestations
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Aquatic diseases

Written by an international team of experts, with practical tips throughout, Imported Skin Diseases prepares you for the unusual skin diseases you are increasingly likely to see in your clinic.


Contributors, ix

1 Introduction, 1
W.R. Faber, R.J. Hay, & B. Naafs

2 Precautions and Protection, 4
W.R. Faber, R.J. Hay, & B. Naafs

3 Pigmentary Disorders in Black Skin, 8
J.P.W. van der Veen & L. Nieuweboer-Krobotova

4 Difference between Pigmented and Nonpigmented Skin, 19
B. Naafs

5 Influence of the New Environment on the Skin, 31
S. Badeloe & H.E. Menke

6 Fungal Infections, 45
R.J. Hay

7 Mycobacterial Infections, 64
W.R. Faber

8 Leprosy, 79
B. Naafs & W.R. Faber

9 Buruli Ulcer, 94
D.S. Walsh, W.M. Meyers, & F. Portaels

10 Ulcerating Pyodermas, 107
J.E. Zeegelaar

11 Rickettsioses, 114
P.A. Kager & H.G. Schipper

12 Viral Diseases, 123
R.M. Mays, R.A. Gordon, S. Javed, J.M. Wilson, W.J. LaPolla, N.A. Kjar, & S.K. Tyring

13 Sexually Transmitted Infections, 149
M. Waugh & H.J.C. de Vries

14 Endemic Treponematoses, 162
H.J.H. Engelkens

15 American Tegumentary Leishmaniasis, 171
C. Talhari, J.A. de Oliveira Guerra, A. Chrusciak-Talhari, P.R.L. Machado, & S. Talhari

16 Leishmaniasis: Old World, 189
F. Vega-L´opez

17 Onchocerciasis/Filariasis, 205
M.E. Murdoch

18 Schistosomiasis, 226
A.M. Polderman & L. van Lieshout

19 Tungiasis, 234
H. Feldmeier & J. Heukelbach

20 Cutaneous Larva Migrans, 243
J. Heukelbach & H. Feldmeier

21 Myiasis, 252
R. Kapoor, T.A. McGraw, & D.M. Elston

22 Persistent Insect Bites, 264
C.L.M. van Hees

23 Beetle Dermatitis, 273
M. Glatz & P. Schmid-Grendelmeier

24 Aquatic Skin Disorders, 283
M.T.W. Gaastra

25 Geographic Distribution, 293
W.R. Faber, R.J. Hay, & B. Naafs

26 Clinical Problems, 296
W.R. Faber, R.J. Hay, & B. Naafs

Index, 299



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