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Imaging of the Liver and Intra-hepatic Biliary Tract
Volume 2: Tumoral Pathologies
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This is the second of two volumes that together provide a comprehensive analysis of the embryology, normal anatomy, and pathology of the liver and intrahepatic biliary tract as seen on modern diagnostic imaging techniques. In this second volume, readers will find comprehensive description and illustration of the imaging appearances of tumoral pathologies, both in the “normal liver” and in the context of chronic liver disease and liver cirrhosis. In addition, the imaging findings in relation to different treatment approaches are presented, with extensive coverage of imaging of tumor response and post-treatment changes. The authors are world-leading experts in the field, and the book will be an ideal reference for all members of the radiology community, from residents to experts. It will also aid clinicians during their daily practice.

  • Hepatic Hemangioma, Focal Nodular Hyperplasia, and Hepatocellular Adenoma

    Pages 3-48

    Grazioli, Luigi (et al.)

  • Inflammatory Liver Lesions

    Pages 49-65

    Fraia, Anna Sara (et al.)

  • Infectious Liver Diseases and Parasitic Lesions

    Pages 67-89

    Karaosmanoglu, Ali Devrim (et al.)

  • Imaging of Hepatic Cystic Tumors

    Pages 91-110

    Kukkar, Vishal (et al.)

  • Uncommon Liver Tumors

    Pages 111-122

    Altun, Ersan (et al.)

  • Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma and Mixed Tumors

    Pages 123-139

    Kovač, Jelena

  • Liver Metastases

    Pages 141-174

    Scharitzer, Martina (et al.)

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Diagnostic Imaging Criteria

    Pages 177-189

    Furlan, Alessandro (et al.)

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Diagnostic Guidelines

    Pages 191-213

    Martí-Bonmatí, Luis (et al.)

  • Benign Lesions in Cirrhosis

    Pages 215-228

    Catania, Roberta (et al.)

  • Pseudolesions in the Cirrhotic Liver

    Pages 229-266

    Golfieri, Rita (et al.)

  • Percutaneous Ablation of Liver Tumors

    Pages 269-282

    Merola, Arcangelo (et al.)

  • Transarterial Chemoembolisation and Combined Therapy

    Pages 283-317

    Cappelli, Alberta (et al.)

  • Transarterial 90Yttrium Radioembolisation

    Pages 319-347

    Mosconi, Cristina (et al.)

  • Imaging of Treated Liver Tumors and Assessment of Tumor Response to Cytostatic Therapy and Post-Treatment Changes in the Liver

    Pages 349-373

    Brocco, Silvia (et al.)

  • Hepatic Tumoral Pathology: The Pediatric Liver

    Pages 377-393

    Masselli, Gabriele (et al.)

  • Functional Imaging of the Liver

    Pages 395-416

    Picchia, Simona (et al.)


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