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Libreria medica internazionale
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Image-Guided Interventions, 2nd Edition
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Image-Guided Interventions, a title in the Expert Radiology Series, brings you in-depth and advanced guidance on all of today’s imaging and procedural techniques. Whether you are a seasoned interventionalist or trainee, this single-volume medical reference book offers the up-to-the-minute therapeutic methods necessary to help you formulate the best treatment strategies for your patients. The combined knowledge of radiology experts from around the globe provides a broad range of treatment options and perspectives, equipping you to avoid complications and put today's best approaches to work in your practice.

  • Formulate the best treatment plans for your patients with step-by-step instructions on important therapeutic radiology techniques, as well as discussions on equipment, contrast agents, pharmacologic agents, antiplatelet agents, and protocols.
  • Make effective clinical decisions with the help of detailed protocols, classic signs, algorithms, and SIR guidelines.
New To This Edition:
  • Make optimal use of the latest interventional radiology techniques with new chapters covering ablation involving microwave and irreversible electroporation; aortic endografts with fenestrated grafts and branch fenestrations; thoracic endografting (TEVAR); catheter-based cancer therapies involving drug-eluting beads; sacroiliac joint injections; bipedal lymphangiography; pediatric gastrostomy and gastrojejunostomy; and peripartum hemorrhage.
  • Know what to look for and how to proceed with the aid of over 2,650 state-of-the-art images demonstrating interventional procedures, in addition to full-color illustrations emphasizing key anatomical structures and landmarks.
  • Quickly reference the information you need through a functional organization highlighting indications and contraindications for interventional procedures, as well as tables listing the materials and instruments required for each.
  • Access the fully searchable contents, online-only material, and all of the images online at Expert Consult.


Table Of Contents: "A Brief History of Image Guided Therapy: Endovascular Milestones and Non Vascular Interventions
Endovascular Milestones and Non Vascular Interventions
Endovascular Milestones and Non Vascular Interventions"
002 Clinical Vascular Examination
004 Invasive Vascular Diagnosis (including angiographic equipment, diagnostic angiography, IVUS, angioscopy)
005 Diagnostic Catheters and Guidewires
006 Balloon Catheters
007 Stents
008 Thombectomy Devices
009 Embolic Protection Devices
010 Atherectomy Catheters
011 Embolization Agents
012 Aortic Stent Grafts
013 IVC Filters
014 Endovascular Laser Therapy
015 Intellectual Property Management
016 Principles of Medications (Analgesic and Sedative) in Interventional Radiology
017 Treatment of Medical Emergencies (including contrast reactions)
018 The Cerebral Functional Anatomy and Rapid Neurological Examinations
019 Contrast Agents (including iodinated, CO2, MR gadolinium/ferromagnetic, ultrasound)
020 Thrombolytic Agents (including principles of thrombolysis
021 Anti-platelet Agents/Anti-coagulants
022 Vasoactive Agents
023 Radiation Safety and Protection
024 Management of Risk Factors for Vascular Disease
025 Principles of Angioplasty and Stenting
026 Restenosis
027 Principles of Arterial Access
028 Arterial Closure Devices
029 Principles of Venous Access
030 Craniocervical Vascular Anatomy
031 Arterial anatomy of the spine and spinal cord
033 Vascular Anatomy of the Upper Extremity
034 Alimentary Tract Vasculature
035 Renal Vasculature
036 Anatomy of the Pelvis
037 Abdominal Aorta and the Inferior Vena Cava
038 Interventional anatomy of the lower limb
039 Arterial Occlusive Disease of the Upper Extremity
040 Acute Lower Extremity Ischemia
041 Chronic Upper Extremity Ischemia and Revascularization
042 Aortoiliac Revascularization
043 Sumintimal Angioplasty
044 Endovascular Management of Pa


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