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Libreria medica internazionale
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Human Blood Groups
Geoff Daniels
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Human Blood Groups is a comprehensive and fully referenced text covering both the scientific and clinical aspects of red cell surface antigens, including: serology, inheritance, biochemistry, molecular genetics, biological functions and clinical significance in transfusion medicine.

Since the last edition, seven new blood group systems and over 60 new blood group antigens have been identified. All of the genes representing those systems have now been cloned and sequenced.

This essential new information has made the launch of a third edition of Human Blood Groups, now in four colour, particularly timely.

This book continues to be an essential reference source for all those who require clinical information on blood groups and antibodies in transfusion medicine and blood banking.


Foreword, vii

Preface to the third edition, viii

Some abbreviations used, ix

1 Human blood groups: introduction, 1

2 ABO, H, and Lewis systems, 11

3 MNS blood group system, 96

4 P1PK, Globoside, and FORS blood group systems, plus some other related blood groups, 162

5 Rh and RHAG blood group systems, 182

6 Lutheran blood group system, 259

7 Kell and Kx blood group systems, 278

8 Duffy blood group system, 306

9 Kidd blood group system, 325

10 Diego blood group system, 336

11 Yt blood group system, 354

12 Xg blood group system, 359

13 Scianna blood group system, 371

14 Dombrock blood group system, 376

15 Colton blood group system, 384

16 LW blood group system, 391

17 Chido/Rodgers blood group system, 400

18 Gerbich blood group system, 410

19 Cromer blood group system, 427

20 Knops blood group system and the Cost antigens, 439

21 Indian blood group system and the AnWj antigen, 449

22 Ok blood group system, 457

23 Raph blood group system, 461

24 JMH blood group system, 465

25 I and i antigens, and cold agglutination, 469

26 Gill blood group system, 485

27 Junior and Langereis blood group systems, 487

28 Er antigens, 493

29 Low frequency antigens, 495

30 High frequency antigens, including Vel, 500

31 Sid antigen, 505

32 HLA (Human Leucocyte-Associated) Class I antigens on red cells, 512

33 Polyagglutination and cryptantigens, 515

Index, 524



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