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Libreria medica internazionale
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Histopathology of Preclinical Toxicity Studies, 4th Edition
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This work covers effectively all aspects of drug-induced pathology that may be encountered within preclinical toxicity studies. It fills a gap in the pathology literature relating to the preclinical safety assessment of new medicines. It systematically describes, in one volume, both spontaneous and drug induced pathology on an organ by organ basis. Information relevant to understanding the nature of pathological changes in pre-clinical studies and assessment of their relevance to the clinical investigation of new drugs is also covered. Numerous colour photographs are included that highlight and embellish the histopathological features that are described. It also contains many pertinent references to both human and animal pathology forming an essential basis for the assessment of drug-induced pathology.
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By Peter Greaves


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Integumentary System

- Skin and subcutaneous tissue
Chapter 3: Mammary Gland
Chapter 4: Haemopoietic and Lymphatic Systems

- Blood/bone marrow
- Lymphoid system
- Lymph nodes
- Spleen
- Thymus
- Lymphoreticular neoplasms
Chapter 5: Musculoskeletal System
- Bone
- Joints
- Skeletal muscle
Chapter 6: Respiratory Tract
- Nose, nasal sinuses, nasopharynx and pharynx
- Larynx and trachea
- Bronchi and lungs
Chapter 7: Cardiovascular System
- Heart and pericardium
- Systemic blood vessels
- Pulmonary blood vessels
Chapter 8: Gastrointestinal tract
- Forestomach
- Stomach (glandular)
- Small intestine
- Large intestine
Chapter 9: Liver and Pancreas
- Liver
- Bile ducts, biliary system
- Pancreas
Chapter 10: Urinary System
- Kidney
- Urinary bladder
Chapter 11: Male Genital Tract
- Prostate gland
- Epididymis
- Testis
Chapter 12: Female Genital Tract
- Vagina
- Cervix
- Uterus
- Ovary
Chapter 13: Endocrine System
- Pituitary gland
- Adrenal gland
- Thyroid gland
- Parathyroid gland
Chapter 14: Nervous System and Special Sense Organs
- Brain
- Spinal cord, spinal nerve roots, peripheral nerves
- Eye
- Ear
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