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Libreria medica internazionale
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A Multidisciplinary Approach to Assessment, Management, and Prevention
Ruiz, Theou
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This book offers a thorough examination of frailty, covering its complexity through sections on foundational concepts, pathogenesis research, assessment methods, management strategies, care settings, its relation to other chronic conditions, and societal implications. It provides a deep understanding of frailty's scientific basis, advanced assessment tools, innovative management, and prevention approaches, and examines frailty within diverse care settings and in relation to other health conditions. By integrating multidisciplinary insights, it presents a holistic view of frailty, addressing its clinical, societal, and policy-related aspects, aiming to enhance well-being and inform clinical practitioners, educators, and policymakers.

This book can serve as a reference guide with up-to-date information on frailty in older adults for geriatric medicine physicians, primary care clinicians, geroscience researchers, nurses, therapists (OT, PT, ST), and social workers.

    Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
    Frailty and Related Concepts: An Overview
        Front Matter
        Pages 1-1

        The Frailty Phenotype
            Jorge G. Ruiz, Sara Espinoza
        Pages 3-9
        Deficit Accumulation
            Samuel D. Searle, Kenneth Rockwood
        Pages 11-14
        Prevalence, Incidence, and Risk Factors of Frailty
            Gotaro Kojima, Reijiro Aoyama, Steve Iliffe
        Pages 15-18
        Integration: A Unified Frailty Framework
            Domenico Azzolino, Matteo Cesari
        Pages 19-22
        Intrinsic Capacity
            Catherine Takeda, Philippe De Souto Barreto, Bruno Vellas
        Pages 23-29
        Transitions, Trajectories, and Reversibility
            Ariela Orkaby, Rachel E. Ward
        Pages 31-38
        Sarcopenia and Frailty: A Common Thread Across Multiple Comorbidities
            K. Prokopidis, J. Hargreaves, T. Ispoglou
        Pages 39-43
        Complications of Frailty
            Luis Miguel Gutiérrez Robledo, Mario Ulises Pérez Zepeda
        Pages 45-49
        Sex Differences and Frailty
            Myles W. O’Brien, Judith Godin
        Pages 51-54
    Mechanisms: Pathogenesis and Research
        Front Matter
        Pages 55-55
        Inflammaging and Immunosenescence
            Tamàs Fülöp, G. Pawelec, A. A. Cohen, V. Legault, K. Hirokawa, A. Larbi et al.
        Pages 57-71
        Implications of the Exposome for Frailty
            Paulo H. M. Chaves, Marcia H. Varella
        Pages 73-79
        Preclinical Models of Frailty
            Manish Mishra, Susan E. Howlett
        Pages 81-89
        Biomarkers of Frailty
            Mariam El Assar, Isabel Rodriguez-Sanchez, Alejandro Álvarez-Bustos, Leocadio Rodríguez-Mañas
        Pages 91-102
        Mitochondrial Alterations and Signaling in Aging, Frailty, and Sarcopenia: An Integrated View
            Anna Picca, Marta Gonzalez-Freire, Stephen D. Anton, Emanuele Marzetti, Christiaan Leeuwenburgh
        Pages 103-107
        Human Microbiome and Frailty: From Observations of Clinically Relevant Associations to Insights into Biological Mechanisms
            Peter J. Larson, Wei Zhou, Julie Robison, George A. Kuchel, Julia Oh
        Pages 109-117
        Front Matter
        Pages 119-119

        Clinical Frailty Scale
            Kenneth Rockwood, Olga Theou
        Pages 121-123

    Frailty Measure Development, Selection, and Implications
        Karen Bandeen-Roche
    Pages 125-129
    Pictorial Fit-Frail Scale
        Olga Theou, Kenneth Rockwood
    Pages 131-135
    Frailty Assessment: The FRAIL Scale
        Angela M. Sanford, John E. Morley
    Pages 137-141
    Edmonton Frail Scale
        Darryl B. Rolfson
    Pages 143-144
    The Tilburg Frailty Indicator (TFI)
        Robbert J. J. Gobbens
    Pages 145-149
    The Study of Osteoporotic Fractures (SOF) Frailty Index
        Kristine E. Ensrud
    Pages 151-155
    Physical Assessments Instruments
        M. Aubertin-Leheudre, F. Buckinx
    Pages 157-166
    Technology-Based Assessments of Frailty
        Megan Huisingh-Scheetz, Nabiel Mir, M. Lucia Madariaga, Daniel Rubin
    Pages 167-172
    Frailty Tools Using Health Care Databases
        Stephanie Denise M. Sison, Dae Hyun Kim
    Pages 173-178

Management: Treatment and Prevention

    Front Matter
    Pages 179-179

    Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment CGA
        Wakana Teranaka, Simon Conroy
    Pages 181-185
    Exercise Strategies for Improving Health Outcomes in Older Adults with Comorbidities: The Role of Vivifrail Tailored-Multicomponent Training
        Mikel Izquierdo
    Pages 187-200
    Nutritional Aspects of Frailty in Older Adults: Undernutrition, Nutrients Consumption, and Diet Patterns
        Hélio José Coelho-Junior, Emanuele Marzetti
    Pages 201-209
        Sarah N. Hilmer, Nashwa Masnoon
    Pages 211-215
    Geroscience-Based Interventions
        Oh Sung Kwon, Sara Espinoza
    Pages 217-222
    Integrated Care for Frailty
        Anne Hendry, Ronan O’Caoimh, Mohamed A. Salem, Ana Carriazo, Regina Roller-Wirnsberger
    Pages 223-228

Settings of Care

    Front Matter
    Pages 229-229

    Frailty in Primary Care: Interventions and Opportunities
        John Travers, Marie Therese Cooney, Roman Romero-Ortuno
    Pages 231-237
    Frailty in Acute Care Settings
        Natasha Melo Resendes
    Pages 239-248
    Frailty in Nursing Homes
        Renuka Visvanathan
    Pages 249-253

        Margaret Danilovich
    Pages 255-258
    Palliative Care
        Daniel Stow, Sarah Combes, Felicity Dewhurst
    Pages 259-265
    Frailty in Home Care
        Carmen Castillo Gallego
    Pages 267-271
    A Community-Based Model for Detecting and Managing Frailty
        Jean Woo, Ruby Yu, Anson Kai-Chun Chau
    Pages 273-278

Other Conditions

    Front Matter
    Pages 279-279

    Bidirectional Relationships Between COVID-19 and Frailty in Older Adults
        Chia-Ling Kuo, Patrick P. Coll, George A. Kuchel
    Pages 281-285
    Frailty and Cancer
        Marco Ruiz, Natasha Melo Resendes, Jannelle Vicens
    Pages 287-297
    Frailty and Cardiovascular Disease
        Deirdre E. O’Neill, Daniel E. Forman
    Pages 299-308
    Frailty in Older People with Diabetes Mellitus
        Alan J. Sinclair, A. H. Abdelhafiz
    Pages 309-324
    Frailty and Cognition. Fellow Travelers or Partners in Crime?
        Manuel Montero-Odasso, Frederico Pieruccini-Faria, Qu Tian, Joe Verghese
    Pages 325-332
    Frailty and Orthogeriatrics: Enhancing Care for Fragility Fractures
        Mauricio Vazquez-Guajardo, Gustavo Duque
    Pages 333-343
    Frailty in Older Adults with Obesity and the Effect of Lifestyle Interventions
        Georgia Colleluori, Dennis T. Villareal
    Pages 345-349
    Vaccines, Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, and Frailty
        Henrique Pott, Melissa K. Andrew
    Pages 351-358
    Oral Health and Frailty
        Christie-Michele Hogue, Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez
    Pages 359-368
    Perioperative, Surgical, and Procedural Care for Older Adults with Frailty
        Daniel I. McIsaac, Sylvie D. Aucoin
    Pages 369-375
        Giuseppe Bellelli, Maria Cristina Ferrara, Alessandro Morandi
    Pages 377-385

Social and Other Issues

    Front Matter
    Pages 387-387

    Social Determinants of Physical Frailty
        Brian Buta, Erica Twardzik, Laura Samuel, Thomas Cudjoe, Anthony L. Teano, Jackie Langdon et al.
    Pages 389-401
    Educating and Training the Workforce
        Iriana S. Hammel, Elizabeth N. Chapman
    Pages 403-409
    Frailty in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
        Tania Tello, Ximena Guevara, Paola Casas
    Pages 411-418

    Ethical and Policy Aspects of Frailty
        John Muscedere
    Pages 419-423

Back Matter
Pages 425-430



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