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Libreria medica internazionale
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Fracture-Dislocations of the Wrist
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  • Detailed guide to the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of fracture-dislocation of the wrist
  • Includes helpful information on anatomy, biomechanics, terminology, and classification of injuries
  • Step by step presentation of surgical treatments
  • Richly illustrated, drawing exclusively on cases treated by the author​

According to reports in the literature, despite the severe disruption of carpal anatomy, fracture-dislocations of the wrist are missed on clinical and radiographic examination in a high percentage of cases. Orthopedic surgeons’ lack of familiarity with these injuries is one of the factors contributing to failed or delayed diagnosis. 

This richly illustrated book covers all types of wrist dislocation and fracture-dislocation. Detailed information is provided on anatomy and biomechanics, while terminology and classification of injuries are explained. Treatment options are thoroughly analysed, with special emphasis on surgical treatment, which is presented step by step. All of the figures – radiological and surgical – relate to patients treated by the author himself. Most of the cases are from the Red Cross Hospital of Athens that admits many patients with such injuries, in part through referral from other centres due to the author’s acknowledged expertise in the field. This volume, with its highly informative and up-to-date chapters and reviews, and a wealth of color figures, will be of great practical value for clinicians and residents in orthopedic surgery, who assist them in daily decision making.


Part I General Aspects. 1 Wrist Anatomy.- 2 Wrist Biomechanics.- Part II Perilunate Fracture-Dislocations. 3 Acute Perilunate Dislocation.- 4 Scaphocapitate Syndrome.- 5 Palmar Perilunate Dislocation.- 6 Delayed and Chronic Perilunate Dislocation.- Part III Proximal and Distal Wrist Dislocations. 7 Radiocarpal Dislocations.- 8 Carpometacarpal Dislocations.- Part IV Other Carpal Dislocations. 9 Axial Dislocations.- 10 Isolated Dislocations of Carpal Bones.


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