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Libreria medica internazionale
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Essentials of Percutaneous Dialysis Interventions
Rajan, Dheeraj
70,00 €
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  • Focused information cuts to the heart of daily practice
  • The uniform approach makes information easily accessible
  • A practical guide for interventionists across multiple specialties  
  • Presents the unbiased expertise of the foremost international leaders in their fields

As the dialysis population grows, an expert medical resource on the percutaneous creation and maintenance of vascular access is much needed.  This book fulfills exactly that need, engaging interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons, interventional nephrologists, and the medical support personnel serving these patients.  Providing a clear understanding of best techniques and practices, the authors present an unbiased discussion of patient preparation, procedures, and new devices and equipment.  Logically organized and concluding with a compelling collection of 15 noteworthy cases, the book is the culminating work of leading experts in their specialties.


The first truly practical reference dedicated to this topic, Essentials of Percutaneous Dialysis Interventions extends across multiple medical specialties to address a global health problem.  Easy to use, reader-friendly, and portable, experienced practitioners and trainees alike will find this book to be of daily value.


1. Introduction

            Dheeraj K. Rajan

2. Fistula First, K/DOQI and Documentation:

            Dheeraj K. Rajan        

3. The Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Pattern Study (DOPPS): Lessons for Interventionalists.

            Joshua G. Mendelssohn, Ronald L. Pisoni, David C. Mendelssohn

4. Controversies in Vascular Access Monitoring and Surveillance

            William Paulson, Louise Moist, Charmaine E. Lok

5. Clinical Relevance of Vascular Access Monitoring and Surveillance 

            Louise Moist, William Paulson, Charmaine E. Lok

6. Molecular Mechanisms of Hemodialysis Graft Failure

            Sanjay Misra

7.  The Vascular Access Coordinator

            Cynthia Bhola

8. The Procedure Room, Equipment and Radiation Safety

            Dheeraj K. Rajan

9. Patient Considerations and Preparation

            Dheeraj K. Rajan

10. Patient Monitoring, Sedation and Post Procedure Care

            Dheeraj K. Rajan

11. Sterile Technique

            Dheeraj K. Rajan

12. Contrast Agents

            Dheeraj K. Rajan

13. Dialysis Catheters

            Sanford Altman, Dheeraj K. Rajan

14. Dialysis Grafts versus Fistulas

            Dirk Baumann, Dheeraj K. Rajan

15. Commonality of Interventions in AV Accesses.

            Dheeraj K. Rajan, Dirk Baumann

16. Interventions in Dialysis Grafts

            Dheeraj K. Rajan, Dirk Baumann

17. Interventions in Dialysis Fistulas

            Dheeraj K. Rajan, Dirk Baumann

18. The immature or failure to mature fistula

            Abigail Falk, Dheeraj K. Rajan

19. Cephalic Arch Stenosis

            Dheeraj K. Rajan, Timothy W.I. Clark, Dirk Baumann

20. Central Venous Interventions.

            Dheeraj K. Rajan, Dirk Baumann, Timothy W.I. Clark

21. Hemodialysis Access Interventions: An Asian Perspective

            Farah G. Irani, Bien-Soo Tan, Manish Taneja, Richard Lo, Kiang Hiong Tay

22. Pediatric Hemodialysis Interventions

            Bairbre Connolly

23. Puncture Site Management

            Timothy W.I. Clark, Dheeraj K. Rajan

24. No Remaining Venous Access

            Dheeraj K. Rajan, Dirk Baumann

25. Radiologic Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Insertion and Troubleshooting

            Robyn Pugash

26. Complications and possible solutions

            Dheeraj K. Rajan

27. On Label, Off Label, Misconceptions and Devices that Don’t Work

            Dheeraj K. Rajan

28. Publications of Hemodialysis Interventions – What is relevant?

Dheeraj K. Rajan

29. Interesting Cases

            Case 1: Sharp needle re-canalization for salvaging AV accesses with chronically occluded outflow. – Naveen Goel

            Case 2: Pain After Bare Metal Stent Placement. - Shuji Kariya

            Case 3: External Jugular Tunneled Catheter Placement as an Alternative Access. – Micah Chan

            Case 4: Placement of PTFE covered stent graft using CO2 angiography - Micah Chan

            Case 5: May-Thurner Physiology Complicating Left Femoral Dialysis Graft - Ahmad I. Alomari, Brian J. Dillon, Horacio M. Padua

            Case 6:  Morbid Complication of Dialysis Graft Thrombolysis - Ahmad I. Alomari, Brian J. Dillon, Horacio M. Padua

            Case 7: Extra-anatomic Use of Covered Stents to Treat Central Venous Obstruction - Bart Dolmatch

            Case 8: Salvage of an Un-salvageable AV Fistula with Covered Stents – Bart Dolmatch

            Case 9: Salvage of Occluded Aneurysmal Arteriovenous Fistula by Incision for Direct Thrombus Extraction: Adjunct to Failed Percutaneous Thrombectomy. - Theodore F. Saad

            Case 10: Clotted left upper arm graft with pseudoaneurysms.  Salvage with covered stents - Martin E. Simons.

            Case 11: Duplication of SVC with placement of a dialysis catheter on the left side - Dr. John R. Ross

            Case 12: Rupture of SVC during PTA with massive hemothorax and shock - John R. Ross

            Case 13: Ischemic foot with thigh PTFE loop groin graft - John R. Ross

            Case 14: Rapidly expanding fistula aneurysm with thin skin - John. R. Ross

            Case 15: Hybrid surgical/percutaneous access placement - John R. Ross



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