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CT of the Acute Abdomen
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  • Provides an in-depth and comprehensive account of the use of CT in patients with acute abdomen
  • Features a particular focus on recent significant developments in CT relevant to imaging of the acute abdomen, such as multislice CT and multiplanar reconstructions
  • Takes full account of new trends in diagnosis and management and examines the role of CT in this context
  • Clearly documents pitfalls and differential diagnoses

CT of the Acute Abdomen provides an in-depth and comprehensive account of the use of CT in patients with acute abdomen. Recent significant developments in CT that are of relevance in imaging of the acute abdomen, including multislice CT and multiplanar reconstructions, receive particular attention. CT features are clearly illustrated, and pitfalls and differential diagnoses are discussed. The first section of the book presents epidemiological and clinical data in acute abdomen. The second and third sections document the key CT findings and their significance and discuss the technological background, including acquisition, reformatting, and surface and volume rendering. The fourth and fifth sections, which form the main body of the book, examine in detail the various clinical applications of CT in nontraumatic and traumatic acute abdomen. Full account is taken of new trends in the diagnosis and management of patients with acute abdomen, and the role of CT is examined in this context. This book will serve as an ideal guide to the performance and interpretation of CT in the setting of the acute abdomen; it will be of value to all general and gastrointestinal radiologists, as well as emergency room physicians and gastrointestinal surgeons.

Epidemiological Data and Clinical Findings: Non-Traumatic Acute Abdomen.- Traumatic acute abdomen.- Key CT Findings: Features and Significance CT Findings.- CT Techniques: Non-Traumatic Acute Abdomen.- Traumatic Acute Abdomen.-CT Diagnosis in Non-Traumatic Abdomen: Acute Liver Disease.- Acute Biliary Disease.- Acute Splenic Disease.- Pancreatitis.- Appendicitis.- Diverticulitis.- Colitis.- Gastritis and Enteritis.- Ischemia (Acute Mesenteric Ischemia and Ischemia Colitis).- Bowel Obstruction.- Bowel Perforation.- GI Bleeding.- Intra and Retroperitoneal Bleeding.- Renal and Adrenal Emergencies.- Gynecological Emergencies.- Acute Disease of the Intra-Abdominal Fat (Panniculitis, Appendagitis, GE Torsion).- Acute Disease of the Muscles and of the Abdominal Wall.- Complications of Surgery (Abdominal, Urologic and Gynecologic Emergencies).- CT Diagnosis in Traumatic Abdomen: Blunt Trauma.- Open Trauma.- Subject Index.


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