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Libreria medica internazionale
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Childhood Obesity Prevention
O'Dea, Eriksen
Oxford University Press
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  • Brings together the most up-to-date research and experience of the world's most highly regarded childhood obesity researchers, practitioners and theorists
  • Foreword by Professor Sir Michael Marmot, a leading worldwide authority in the social determinants of health

Childhood obesity is an international public health concern, with a high profile in both the media and government policy. Controversial issues in the prevention of childhood obesity need to be considered early in the development of school, clinical or community prevention programs, as these issues are often the ones that promote the success or failure of attempts to ameliorate the problem at hand.

This book combines health education theory, research, and practice to guide researchers, students, educators, community health workers and practitioners in the prevention of childhood obesity and the promotion of child and adolescent health and well-being. It examines controversy in childhood obesity, including the link with poverty and the difficulty of addressing obesity whilst also tackling the issue of eating disorders. The prevalence of childhood obesity is covered, with international chapters examining the importance of factors such as social class and ethnic differences, and global and local trends are identified. Approaches to prevention are presented, and the book concludes with the successful outcome of various interventions, demonstrating how the whole school community can collaborate to promote health among young people.

Readership: This book is suitable for anyone working with children and adolescents around issues of health, well being, weight and body image. This includes educators, health professionals, as well as government health policy makers and school adminstrators.

Section 1: Controversial Issues in Childhood Obesity Prevention
1: Katherine M. Flegal and Cynthia L. Ogden: High body mass index, overweight and obesity in children: definitions, terminology and interpretation
2: Lynne MacLean, Mechthild Meyer, Audrey Walsh, Kathryn Clinton, Lisa Ashley, Stephanie Donovan, and Nancy Edwards: Stigma and BMI screening in schools, or 'mom, I hate it when they weigh me'
3: Jennifer A. O'Dea: Developing positive approaches to nutrition education and the prevention of child and adolescent obesity: first do no harm
4: Peter Burton and Shelley Phipps: Low family income and the overweight status of Canadian adolescents
5: Zali Yager: Issues of teacher training in the prevention of eating disorders and childhood obesity in schools
Section 2: Prevalence and Factors associated with Childhood Obesity
6: Tim Olds and Carol Maher: Childhood overweight and obesity in developed countries: global trends and correlates
7: Cynthia L. Ogden, Margaret D. Carroll & Katherine M. Flegal: A review of prevalence and trends in childhood obesity in the United States
8: Jennifer A. O'Dea and Michael J. Dibley: Overweight, obesity, gender, age, ethnicity and school SES among Australian schoolchildren in studies from 2000 and 2006
9: Zhaohui Cui and Michael J. Dibley: Secular trends in childhood obesity and associated risk factors in China from 1992 to 2006
10: Albert Lee: Trends in Hong Kong and Macao and other Chinese communities
11: Nguyen Hoang H. Doan Trang, Tang K. Hong and Michael J. Dibley: Overweight, obesity and associated factors among Vietnamese and South East Asian children and adolescents
12: Wolney Lisboa Conde and Carlos Augusto Monteiro: Secular changes in overweight and obesity among Brazilian adolescents from 1974/5 to 2002/3
13: K.D. Monyeki, H.C.G. Kemper and J.W.R. Twisk: Trends in obesity and hypertension in South African youth
14: Elinor Sundblom, Agneta Sjöberg, Jennie Blank and Lauren Lissner: Childhood Obesity: recent trends in Sweden including socioeconomic differences
15: Roya Kelishadi: Childhood obesity in the Middle Eastern countries with special reference to Iran
16: Joav Merrick, Efrat Merrick-Kenig and Mohammed Morad: Trends in Israel
Section 3: Approaches to Prevention
17: Lawrence Hammer: Childhood obesity: treatment or prevention?
18: Karen Glanz and Brian E. Saelens: Relevant health education and health promotion theory for childhood obesity prevention
19: Michael Eriksen, Rodney Lyn and Barbara J. Moore: The application of public health lessons to childhood obesity prevention
20: Anthony Worsley: Towards a children's food and nutrition policy
21: Ting Fei Ho: Prevention and management of obesity in children and adolescents: the Singapore experience
22: Shirin Foroughian: Asian adolescents in New Zealand: a community development, health promotion approach
23: Kelley DeVane Hart and Bonnie A. Spear: The role of health professionals
Section 4: Interventions
24: Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, Colleen Flattum, Shira Feldman, and Christine Petrich: Striving to prevent obesity and other weight-related problems in adolescent girls: the New Moves approach
25: Jennifer A. O'Dea: Whole-school and health promoting school approaches to obesity prevention: government policy directions in Australia between 2000 and 2010
26: Nancy Espinoza, Guadalupe Ayala and Elva Arredondo: Interventions targeting childhood obesity involving parents
27: Ashlee-Ann E. Pigford and Noreen D. Willows: Promoting optimal weights in Aboriginal children in Canada through ecological research
28: Dianne S. Ward: Environment and policy interventions to prevent obesity in children
29: Portia Jackson, Jammie Hopkins and Antronette K. Yancey: Individual and environmental interventions to prevent obesity in African American children and adolescents
30: Shiriki Kumanyika: Targeted approaches by culturally appropriate programs
31: Jess Haines: Weight-related teasing and anti-teasing initiatives in schools
32: Fiona Brooks and Josephine Magnusson: Physical activity programs in high schools
33: Derek Colquhoun and Jo Pike: Effective school meal interventions: lessons learned from Eat Well Do Well in Hull, UK
34: K.D. Hesketh and K.J. Campbell: Obesity prevention interventions for early childhood: an updated systematic review of the literature
35: Tom Baranowski, Janice Baranowski, Karen Cullen, Melanie Hingle, Sheryl Hughes, Russell Jago, Tracey Ledoux, Jason Mendoza, Tuan T. Nguyen, Teresia O'Connor, Deborah Thompson and Kathleen Watson: Problems and possible solutions for interventions among children and adolescents


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