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Libreria medica internazionale
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Atlas of Liposuction
Aiache, Shiffman
97,00 €
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Liposuction is a procedure in cosmetic surgery that breaks up excess body fat, which is then removed through a cannula inserted under the skin.

Atlas of Liposuction is a comprehensive guide to the current techniques for liposuction. Beginning with an introduction to the history and set up of the procedure, the following chapters discuss liposuction in different parts of the body and post-operative management.

Each procedure is described in a step by step manner, detailing incisions, positions, instruments, anaesthesia, preoperative care and the actual operative technique.

Written by highly experienced plastic surgeons from California, this exhaustive atlas features nearly 740 full colour photographs and illustrations showing actual clinical cases.


Key points

  • Comprehensive atlas of liposuction
  • Covers step by step procedures in all parts of the body
  • Features nearly 740 full colour photographs and illustrations of clinical cases
  • Written by highly experienced plastic surgeons based in California

Author information

Adrien E Aiache MD
Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Beverly Hills, California, USA

Melvin A Shiffman MD JD
Consultant in Oncologic Surgery, Reconstruction & Cosmetic Surgery, Costa Mesa, California; Chair of the Section of Surgery, Newport Specialty Hospital, Tustin, California, USA


1. History of Liposuction 1
Melvin A Shiffman
2. Preliminaries 7
Adrien E Aiache
3. The Setup 17
Adrien E Aiache
4. Saddlebags 38
Adrien E Aiache
5. Suction Lipectomy of the Buttocks 52
Adrien E Aiache
6. Suction Lipectomy of the Thighs 61
Adrien E Aiache
7. Liposuction of the Inner Thighs 66
Adrien E Aiache
8. Combination of Techniques: Liposuction with
Trochanteric Lipectomy 72
Adrien E Aiache
9. Liposuction of the Knees 78
Adrien E Aiache
10. Abdominal Liposuction 85
Adrien E Aiache
11. Combination of Abdominal Liposuction and
Abdominal Lipectomy 97
Adrien E Aiache
12. Liposuction of the “Love Handles” 109
Adrien E Aiache
13. Iliac Crest Liposuction 115
Adrien E Aiache
14. Lumbar Bulge Liposuction 122
Adrien E Aiache
15. Breast Liposuction 126
Adrien E Aiache
16. Breast Reduction Combined with Liposuction 135
Adrien E Aiache
17. Back and Scapula (Upper Back and Thoracic Rolls) 138
Adrien E Aiache
18. Arm Liposuction 144
Adrien E Aiache
19. Combined Brachioplasty and Liposuction of the Arms 153
Adrien E Aiache
20. Liposuction of the Calves and Ankles 159
Adrien E Aiache
21. Facial Liposuction 171
Adrien E Aiache
22. Facial Liposuction Combined with Rhytidoplasty 185
Adrien E Aiache
23. Contour Liposuction 192
Adrien E Aiache
24. Autologous Fat Reconstruction 197
Adrien E Aiache
25. Non-cosmetic Liposuction 204
Adrien E Aiache
26. Combination of Liposuction and Body Implants 207
Adrien E Aiache
27. Modalities Beyond Simple Liposuction 214
Melvin A Shiffman
28. Medical Legal Aspects of Liposuction 219
Melvin A Shiffman



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