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Libreria medica internazionale
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Atlas of Endoscopic Ultrasonography
Gress, Savides, Bounds, Deutsch
125,00 €
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The Atlas of Endoscopic Ultrasonography provides readers with a large collection of excellent images obtained from both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The Atlas includes a DVD which will be an invaluable addition to the library of trainee and practising gastroenterologists with video clips and searchable database of images. Together the book and DVD offer a first class collection of images to give a highly integrated introduction to endoscopic ultrasonography.

The Atlas is an ideal companion to Dr Gress et al’s Endoscopic Ultrasonography, Second Edition.


List of Contributors, vii

Preface, x

Part 1 Normal EUS Anatomy, 1

1 Normal Human Anatomy, 3
John C. Deutsch

2 Esophagus: Radial and Linear, 10
James L. Wise & John C. Deutsch

3 Normal Mediastinal Anatomy by EUS and EBUS, 14
Silvio Wanderley de Melo Jr. & Michael B. Wallace

4 Stomach: Radial and Linear, 18
Joo Ha Hwang

5 Bile Duct: Radial and Linear, 21
Kapil Gupta

6 EUS of the Normal Pancreas, 24
Richard A. Erickson & James T. Sing Jr.

7 Liver, Spleen, and Kidneys: Radial and Linear, 29
Nalini M. Guda & Marc F. Catalano

8 Anatomy of the Anorectum: Radial and Linear, 32
Christoph F. Dietrich

Part 2 Upper and Lower GI EUS, 35

9 Esophageal Cancer, 37
Syed M. Abbas Fehmi

10 Esophageal Motility Disorders, 44
Thuy Anh Le & Ravinder K. Mittal

11 Malignant Mediastinal Lesions, 54
M. Babitha Reddy, David H. Robbins, & Mohamad A. Eloubeidi

12 Benign Mediastinal Lesions, 57
M. Babitha Reddy, David H. Robbins, & Mohamad A. Eloubeidi

13 Gastric Cancer, 59
Douglas O. Faigel & Sarah A. Rodriguez

14 Gastric and Esophageal Subepithelial Masses, 64
David J. Owens & Andrew J. Bain

15 Anorectal Neoplasia, 70
Manoop S. Bhutani & Everson L. A. Artifon

16 Anal Sphincter Disease: Fecal Incontinence and Fistulas, 75
Raymond S. Tang & Thomas J. Savides

17 Other Pelvic Pathology, 81
Everson L. A. Artifon, Lucio G. B. Rossini, & Carlos K. Furuya Jr.

18 Vascular Anomalies and Abnormalities, 88
John C. Deutsch

Part 3 Pancreatico-biliary, 93

19 Duodenal and Ampullary Neoplasia, 95
Brenna Casey Bounds

20 Biliary Tract Pathology, 97
Brenna Casey Bounds

21 Gallbladder Pathology, 100
Sam Yoselevitz & Ann Marie Joyce

22 Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma, 103
Douglas G. Adler

23 Pancreatic Malignancy (Non-adenocarcinoma), 107
Michael J. Levy & Suresh T. Chari

24 Autoimmune Pancreatitis, 112
Michael J. Levy & Suresh T. Chari

25 Pancreatic Cystic Lesions: The Role of EUS, 116
William R. Brugge

26 Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms: The Role of EUS, 120
William R. Brugge

27 Chronic Pancreatitis, 124
David G. Forcione

28 Liver Pathology, 129
Indraneel Chakrabarty & Ann Marie Joyce

Part 4 How to Section, 133

29 How to Interpret EUS-FNA Cytology, 135
Cynthia Behling

30 How to do Mediastinal FNA, 144
Sammy Ho

31 How to do Pancreatic Mass FNA, 148
Michael D. Harris & Jonathan M. Buscaglia

32 How to do Pancreatic Mass Tru-cut Biopsy, 153
Michael J. Levy & Maurits J. Wiersema

33 How to do Pancreatic Cyst FNA, 159
Aman Ali & William R. Brugge

34 How to do Pancreatic Pseudocyst Drainage, 162
Shyam Varadarajulu & Vinay Dhir

35 How to do Pancreatic Cyst Ablation, 167
John DeWitt

36 How to do Celiac Plexus Block, 172
Adam J. Goodman & Frank G. Gress

37 How to Place Fiducials for Radiation Therapy, 175
Satish Nagula & Christopher J. DiMaio

38 How to Inject Chemotherapeutic Agents, 178
V. Raman Muthusamy & Kenneth J. Chang

39 How to do EUS-guided Biliary Drainage, 181
Jennifer Maranki & Michel Kahaleh

40 How to do EUS-guided Pelvic Abscess Drainage, 186
Shyam Varadarajulu & Sandeep Lakhtakia

41 How to do Doppler Probe EUS for Bleeding, 190
Richard C. K. Wong

Index, 199


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