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Libreria medica internazionale
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Arthroscopic Management of Ulnar Pain
del Piñal, Mathoulin, Nakamura
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  • Explains the use of arthroscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of wrist pathologies that give rise to ulnar pain
  • Describes procedures in a helpful step-by-step fashion
  • Includes numerous informative illustrations
  • Written by internationally acknowledged experts

Compared with traditional surgical procedures, wrist arthroscopy reduces the risk to patients and hastens recovery. Nevertheless, in many ways wrist arthroscopy is still in its infancy, and its indications continue to evolve. This book is devoted to the optimal use of arthroscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of wrist pathologies that give rise to ulnar pain. The correct procedure in a wide variety of settings is carefully explained in step-by-step fashion with the help of numerous detailed illustrations. Particular care is taken to cover all the important technical issues. The authors are without exception internationally acknowledged experts who draw on their considerable experience to provide readers with sound guidance on the appropriate use of arthroscopy for each indication.


Anatomy of the ulno-carpal compartment.- Anatomy and biomechanics of the distal radio-ulnar joint.- Exploration of the wrist pain.- Set-up, surface anatomy and portals.- Ulnar imaging for arthroscopic surgeons.- Traumatic TFC tears: The IB constellation.- Central TFCC debridement: technique and indication in the 21st century.- Treatment of stable dorsal TFC tears.- Proximal tears of the TFC.- DRUJ instability: Foveal reatachment.- DRUJ instability: Arthroscopic ligament reconstruction.- Carpal detachment syndrom.- Ulnar impaction syndromes.- Ulnar Styloid impaction syndrome.- Hamate impaction syndrome.- Coronal tears of the TFC.- LT tears and arthroscopic repair.- Arthroscopic management of Piso-triquetral conditions.- The role of arthroscopy in Kienböck’s disease.- Midcarpal instability.- Capito-hamate axial dislocation of the wrist.- Ulnar injuries in distal radius fractures.- Arthroscopic arthrodeses for degenerative arthritis.- Ulnar head resection and Sauve-Kapandji.- Extra-articular ulnar pain. Appendix: Suturing techniques: All-inside repair technique.- Suturing techniques: Double Loop technique for large dorsal TFCC rupture.


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