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Libreria medica internazionale
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Anesthesiology and Otolaryngology
Levine, Govindaraj, DeMaria
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  • “All-in-one” reference for otolaryngologists and otolaryngologic anesthesiologists
  • Surgical and anesthesiologic perspectives marshaled for pre-operative, intraoperative, and  postoperative periods
  • Pearls and Insights at end of chapters
  • Organized by surgical region
  • Special challenges of difficult airway and of pediatric otolaryngologic procedures addressed

To an unusual degree, the shared “working space” of otolaryngologists and anesthesiologists means that issues important to one are important to the other. Anesthesiology and Otolaryngology is the first book to address the closely overlapping information needs of both groups of specialists.  It is collaboratively written and edited by anesthesiologists and otolaryngologists, and the chapters are carefully designed to insure maximal relevance to members of both specialties.      

The heart of the book consists of chapters on managing patients during the full range of otolaryngologic procedures.  These chapters are structured chronologically, and otolaryngologic and anesthesiologic perspectives are systematically presented for each operative stage.  

Foundational topics such as gross and radiographic anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology are covered.  The book includes a unique chapter on oxygen delivery systems that serves as a comprehensive review for anesthesiologists and an overview for the otolaryngologist.  Special topics addressed include acute and chronic pain management, and the logistics of managing an office-based surgical practice.

Table of contents

1. Introduction

By Adam Levine, Satish Govindaraj, and Samuel DeMaria, Jr.

2. Gross and Radiographic Anatomy

By Puneet Pawha, Nancy Jiang, Katya Shpilberg, Michael Luttrull, and Satish Govindaraj

3. Basic Pharmacology of Anesthetic Agents

By Wagdy Sidrak, Adam Levine, and Samuel DeMaria

4. Basic Physiology

By Ira Hofer, Samuel DeMaria, and Adam Levine

5. Physiologic Monitoring

By Jaime B. Hyman and  David L. Reich

6. Oxygen Delivery Systems and the Anesthesia Workstation

By James B. Eisenkraft and Robert Williams

7. Preoperative Assessment and Optimization

By Jaime B. Hyman and Andrew B. Leibowitz

8. Airway Emergencies and the Difficult Airway

By Irene P. Osborn, Andrew J. Kleinberger, and Vivek V. Gurudutt

9. Adult Sleep Apnea and Related Procedures

By Menachem M. Weiner, Fred Y. Lin, David M. Jang, and Benjamin D. Malkin

10. Phonomicrosurgery and Office-Based Laryngology

By Allan P. Reed and Peak Woo

11. Otologic Surgery

By Cheryl K. Gooden and Sujana S. Chandrasekhar

12. Facial Plastic Surgery

By Adam Levine , Samuel DeMaria, Eunice Park, and William Lawson

13. Functional Nasal and Sinus Surgery

By Alan Sim, Adam Levine, and Satish Govindaraj

14. Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Parotid Surgery

By Steven Porter, Andrew Schwartz, Samuel DeMaria, and Eric M. Genden

15. Head and Neck Cancer Surgery I: Resection

By Adam Levine, Samuel DeMaria, Alfred M.C. Iloreta, and Marita S. Teng

16. Head and Neck Cancer Surgery II: Reconstruction

By Adam Levine, Samuel DeMaria, and Brett A. Miles

17. Neurosurgical Otolarynology I: Neuro-Otology/Posterior Fossa Surgery

By Jess W. Brallier and Eric E. Smouha

18. Neurosurgical Otolarynology II: Endoscopic Skull Base and Pituitary Surgery

By Stacie G. Deiner, Kalmon D. Post, and Satish Govindaraj

19. Airway Stenosis and Tracheotomy

By Sharmin Haque, Adam Levine, Chan W. Park, and Kenneth W. Altman

20. Pediatric Otolaryngology

By Jonathan S. Gal, Francine S. Yudkowitz, and Michael A. Rothschild

21. Office-Based Otolaryngology

By Laurence M. Hausman

22. Acute and Chronic Pain Management

By Yury Khelemsky

23. Postoperative Care

By Jody Jones and Brigid Flynn

24. Medico-legal Considerations and Patient Safety

By Elizabeth A.M. Frost


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