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Libreria medica internazionale
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Anatomic, Physiologic, and Therapeutic Principles of Surgical Diseases
A Comprehensive, High-Yield Review
Hazen, Maithel, Rajani, Srinivasan
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Comprehensive and high-yield, this text is a digestible resource for the major anatomic, physiologic, and therapeutic principles of surgical diseases. Rather than focus on clinical presentation and pre-operative management, it presents sensible algorithmic approaches to treatment for each pathology, with particular attention to operative options. This allows the reader to develop a large armamentarium of surgical options to safely treat surgical problems and aid in the decision-making process in an organized fashion, with critical steps and techniques of specific operations included in each chapter. 

Importantly, this book provides a concise list of steps for common surgical operations, namely those frequently encountered during the Certifying Oral Board exam after completing residency, which is uncommon in the currently available study material. Chapters also include suggested readings and summaries of pivotal studies on the specific topics, serving as an easy reference for the content provided. The topics covered begin with pre-operative evaluation and anesthesiology, then proceed anatomically across all relevant body systems and organs, as well as trauma, transplantation, pediatric surgery, and much more.

Written with senior-level general surgery residents preparing for the qualifying (written) and certifying (oral) board examinations clearly in mind, it will also be valuable to all levels of trainees preparing for the annual American Board of Surgery In-service Training Exam (ABSITE) as well as medical students with an interest in surgical training and trainees in their fellowship after completing residency.

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xviii


  2. Pre-operative Evaluation and Management

    • Teshi Kaushik, Zia Siddiqui, Cinnamon Sullivan

    Pages 1-11

  3. Anesthesiology

    • Tim Jorgenson, David Ikeda, Cinnamon Sullivan

    Pages 13-30

  4. Nutrition

    • Callie Goel, Joshua Novak, John Galloway

    Pages 31-39

  5. Hematology/Blood Products

    • Aileen Johnson, Daniel Hunt

    Pages 41-48

  6. Head and Neck

    • Danielle Scarola, Amy Chen

    Pages 49-73

  7. Thyroid

    • Kimberly M. Ramonell, Michael Silverman, Neil Saunders, Jyotirmay Sharma

    Pages 75-87

  8. Parathyroid

    • Jesse Codner, Chijioke Ohamadike, Kimberly M. Ramonell, Neil Saunders, Joe Sharma

    Pages 89-98

  9. Thoracic

    • Matthew D. Stanley, Allan Pickens

    Pages 99-116

  10. Cardiac

    • Nnaemeka M. Ndubisi, Elorm Agra, Mani A. Daneshmond, Michael E. Halkos

    Pages 117-137

  11. Esophagus

    • David Swift, Chase King, Manu Sancheti, Seth Force, Felix Fernandez

    Pages 139-153

  12. Stomach

    • Benjamin J. Hazen, Jahnavi Srinivasan, David Kooby

    Pages 155-172

  13. Bariatric Surgery

    • Katherine Fay, Ankit Patel

    Pages 173-189

  14. Duodenum

    • Jeroson C. Williams, Benjamin J. Hazen, Dipan Patel, David Kooby

    Pages 191-206

  15. Small Bowel

    • Carson Hoffmann, Terrah Paul Olson

    Pages 207-220

  16. Colon

    • Crystal Koerner, Andrew Morris, Anthony Dinallo, Virginia Shaffer, Glen Balch

    Pages 221-248

  17. Anorectal

    • Andrew Morris, Crystal Koerner, Anthony Dinallo, Patrick Sullivan

    Pages 249-264

  18. Liver

    • David A. Faber, Maria C. Russell

    Pages 265-295

  19. Biliary System and Gallbladder

    • Jessica Keilson, Erica Ludi, Federico Serrot, Mihir Shah

    Pages 297-326

  20. Pancreas

    • Savannah R. Smith, Mohammad Raheel Jajja, Juan M. Sarmiento, Kenneth Cardona

    Pages 327-348

  21. Spleen

    • Michael Silverman, S. Rob Todd

    Pages 349-358

  22. Adrenal

    • Jesse Codner, Neil Saunders, Joe Sharma

    Pages 359-373

  23. Urology

    • Samuel R. Donnenfeld, Benjamin Croll, Jessica Hammett

    Pages 375-388

  24. Hernias

    • Katherine Fay, S. Scott Davis Jr.

    Pages 389-414

  25. Breast

    • Clara Farley, Preeti Subhedar

    Pages 415-434

  26. Skin and Soft Tissue

    • Matthew C. Perez, Alexandra G. Lopez-Aguiar, Michael C. Lowe, Keith A. Delman

    Pages 435-448

  27. Obstetrics and Gynecology

    • Brooke Hyman, E. Britton Chahine

    Pages 449-469

  28. Trauma

    • Courtney Meyer, Benjamin J. Hazen, Nathan Klingensmith, April Grant

    Pages 471-521

  29. Critical Care

    • Cameron Paterson, April Grant, Christine Castater

    Pages 523-552

  30. Burns

    • Nathan Klingensmith, Juvonda Hodge, Walter Ingram

    Pages 553-564

  31. Aorta, Visceral, and Upper Extremity Vascular Disease

    • Emma G. Rooney, Richard A. Meena, Amanda G. Fobare, Ravi R. Rajani

    Pages 565-579

  32. Peripheral Vascular Disease

    • LeslieAnn Kao, Deena Chihade, Guillermo A. Escobar

    Pages 581-601

  33. Transplant

    • Abraham Matar, Brendan Lovasik, William Kitchens Jr., I. Raul Badell

    Pages 603-626

  34. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    • Ciara A. Brown, Tyler K. Merceron, Paul A. Ghareeb

    Pages 627-656

  35. Pediatric Surgery

    • Martha-Conley E. Ingram, Olivia A. Keane, Goeto Dantes, Matthew T. Santore, Matthew S. Clifton

    Pages 657-718

  36. Global Surgery

    • Constance Scott Harrell Shreckengost, Erica Ludi, Jahnavi Srinivasan, Timothy P. Love

    Pages 719-771

  37. Back Matter

    Pages 773-795


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