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Libreria medica internazionale
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Advanced Cosmetic Otoplasty
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  • Detailed descriptions of new and modified procedures used in cosmetic otoplasty  
  • Clear explanations of potential risks and complications  
  • Written by international experts with extensive experience in the techniques described  
  • Wealth of high-quality illustrations​

In this book, international experts present up-to-date techniques of otoplasty in which they have extensive personal experience. Both new and modified procedures are described with the aid of a wealth of high-quality illustrations. In addition to these detailed descriptions, ear embryology and anatomy, psychological issues, postoperative care, possible risks and complications, and outcomes are extensively covered in order to provide the reader with a state of the art account of all aspects of cosmetic otoplasty. Throughout, the contributors are inventive and eloquent in guiding the reader to a better understanding that optimal results of otoplasty will be achieved only with a more refined approach than the routine use of simplified techniques. This book will be of value to both students (residents and fellows) and experienced cosmetic, plastic, maxillofacial, and general surgeons.

Foreword: Mathematical Physics and Theoretical Physics as Dialectics Between Mathematics and Physics, by Évelyne Barbin.- The Construction of Group Theory in Crystallography, by Bernard Maitte.- Historical Reflections on the Physics Mathematics Relationship in Electromagnetic Theory, by Raffaele Pisano.- Mathematical Physics in Italy in the XIX Century: The Theory of Elasticity, by Danilo Capecchi.- The Interaction of Physics, Mechanics and Mathematics in Joseph Liouville's Research, by Jesper Lützen.- Mathematical Physics in the Style of Gabriel Lamé and the TVeatise of Emile Mathieu, by Évelyne Barbin and René Guitart.- The Emergence of Mathematical Physics at the University of Leipzig, by Karl-Heinz Schlote.- On Boundaries of the Language of Physics, by Ladislav Kvasz.- The Relationship Between Physics and Mathematics in the XIXth Century: The Disregarded Birth of a Foundational Pluralism, by Antonino Drago.- Index.


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