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Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
Shiffman, Di Giuseppe
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  • Provides up-to-date information on a wide range of advanced primary and secondary rhinoplasty techniques
  • Clearly explains ethnic variations in anatomy and techniques, and possible risks and complications
  • Includes a wealth of high-quality color illustrations

Aesthetic rhinoplasty is among the most common aesthetic operations in the field of facial aesthetic plastic surgery, but it is also viewed as one of the most complex. This comprehensive book provides a wealth of up-to-date information on advanced aesthetic rhinoplasty techniques. After discussion of anatomy, psychological issues, and preoperative planning, a wide range of primary and secondary rhinoplasty techniques are described clearly and in detail with the aid of numerous high-quality color illustrations. The use of fillers in rhinoplasty, ethnic variations in anatomy and techniques, and possible risks and complications are all clearly explained. This book is intended primarily for experienced surgeons in the fields of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, general surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oral maxillofacial surgery, and cosmetic surgical subspecialties. It will also be an invaluable resource for residents and fellows.


Part I Anatomy
1 Muscles, SMAS, and Vascular Anatomy of the Nose. 3
Yves Saban, Chiara Andretto Amodeo, and Roberto Polselli
2 Neurologic Anatomy of the Nose. 17
Peter M. Prendergast
3 Anatomy of the Dermocartilaginous Ligament
of the Nose. 25
Seung-Kyu Han
4 Surgical Anatomy of the Nose. 33
Robert M. Oneal and Richard J. Beil
Part II Perspectives and Psychology
5 Rhinoplasty in the Ageing Face. 63
James W. Rainsbury and Darryl J. Hodgkinson
6 Self-Esteem and Personality in Patients with Body
Dysmorphic Disorder Undergoing
Cosmetic Rhinoplasty. 77
Carla Gramaglia and Enrica Marzola
7 Psychological Aspects of Rhinoplasty. 93
Mauro Ercolani and Alessandro Agostini
8 Psychological Considerations in Revision Rhinoplasty. 99
Bryan T. Ambro and Richard J. Wright
Part III Preoperative
9 Computer Simulated Imaging in Rhinoplasty. 109
Robert T. Adelson
10 Rhinometry: Clinical Index for Evaluation of the Nose. 119
Abdoljalil Kalantar-Hormozi and Arash Beiraghi-Toosi
Part IV Primary Rhinoplasty
11 History of Cosmetic Rhinoplasty. 133
Melvin A. Shiffman
12 Trends in Functional Rhinoplasty. 137
Joshua D. Weissman and Sam P. Most
13 Primary Caucasian Female Rhinoplasty . 147
Babak Azizzadeh and Michael J. Reilly
14 Asian Rhinoplasty. 163
Yong Ju Jang
15 Hispanic Rhinoplasty. 175
Ali Sajjadian
16 Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty . 187
Ali Sajjadian
17 Rhinoplasty in the Multiracial Nose. 197
Thomas Romo III, Manoj T. Abraham, and Whitney Pafford
18 Aesthetic Rhinoplasty Utilizing Various
Techniques Depending on the Abnormality. 207
Fernando D. Burstein
19 Sonic Rhinoplasty: Sculpting with the Ultrasonic
Bone Aspirator . 225
Edmund A. Pribitkin, Leela S. Lavasani,
Carol Shindle, and Jewel D. Greywoode
20 Extracorporeal Rhinoseptoplasty. 233
Francois Disant, Delphine Vertu-Ciolino, and Nicolas Beck
21 External Marginal Approach Rhinoplasty
(EMA Rhinoplasty). 241
Peter Chanwoo Kim and Dae Hwan Park
22 The Controversy Between Open and Closed
Rhinoplasty. 295
Arturo Grau
23 Open Technique Rhinoplasty. 327
Alberto Di Giuseppe
24 The Upper Buccal Sulcus Approach
in Posttrauma Rhinoplasty. 349
Christian Vacher
25 Rhinoplasty: Open Techniques. 357
Vladimir Kljajic, Jovan Radmanovic, Ljiljana Vlaski,
and Slobodan Savovic
26 The Intranasal Z-Plasty for Nasal Valve Collapse. 367
Jay M. Dutton, John S. Schneider, and Catherine A. Ray
27 Nasal Alar Rim Reconstruction for Nasal
Rim and Valve Collapse. 373
Robert J. Troell
28 Lateral Osteotomy in Rhinoplasty . 387
Rauf Tahamiler and Murat Yener
29 Double-Guarded Osteotome for Internal
Lateral Nasal Osteotomies to Prevent Mucosa Tearing . 401
A. Aldo Mottura
30 Correcting the Convex Lateral Crura
of the Lower Alar Cartilages. 409
Alexis D. Furze, Lynn L. Chiu-Collins, Jason Gilde,
and Brian J.F. Wong
31 Alar Base Reduction. 425
Sara R. Dickie, Peter A. Adamson, and Jeremy P. Warner
32 The Anchor Graft: A Technique for Pinched
Nasal Tip and/or Retracted Nasal Ala . 435
C.W. David Chang
33 Stabilizing Cartilage Grafts in Functional-Aesthetic
Rhinoplasty. 445
Wolfgang Wagner, Frank Riedel, and Gregor M. Bran
34 Costal Cartilage Grafting for Dorsal Augmentation. 479
Waleed H. Ezzat and Babak Azizzadeh
35 Split Calvarial Bone Grafting in Rhinoplasty . 491
Babak Azizzadeh and Grigoriy Mashkevich
36 Ultradiced Rib Cartilage Graft Without Wrapping
for Augmentation Rhinoplasty. 497
Peter Chanwoo Kim and Dae Hwan Park
37 Biomechanical Properties of Facial Cartilage Grafts. 533
Sepehr Oliaei, Cyrus Manuel, Dmitriy Protsenko,
and Brian J.F. Wong
38 Structural Grafts and Suture Techniques
in Rhinoplasty. 543
Uwe Mueller-Vogt and Holger G. Gassner
39 Fascia Lata Graft for Nasal Dorsal Contouring
in Rhinoplasty. 557
Mehmet Veli Karaaltin
40 Augmentation Rhinoplasty. 585
Jose Guerrerosantos
41 Sublabial Approach for Columellar
Reconstruction in Corrective Rhinoplasty. 657
Sarit Cohen and J. Shem Tov
xiv Preface
42 Caudal Septal Extension Grafts . 667
Lynn L. Chiu-Collins, Alexis D. Furze, and Brian J.F. Wong
43 Septal Surgery in the Crooked Nose. 679
Hossam M.T. Foda
44 Secondary Cleft Rhinoplasty: Combining an
Open Rhinoplasty with the Dibbell Technique
and Tajima Incision . 689
Roberto L. Flores and Court B. Cutting
45 Rhinoplasty for Cleft and
Hemangioma-Related Deformities . 699
Judy Pan and Sherard A. Tatum III
46 Postoperative Care of the Rhinoplasty Patient . 711
C. Spencer Cochran
Part V Fillers
47 Use of Integra™ in Rhinoplasty . 721
Jorge Planas
48 Fat Grafting to the Nose. 733
Juan Monreal
49 Orbital Fat Pad for Nasal Tip Augmentation
in Far Eastern Rhinoplasty . 745
Young Kyoon Kim
50 Permacol in Augmentation Rhinoplasty. 753
Claire Hopkins and David Roberts
51 Use of Aquamid as a Filler
for Rhinoplasty in Orientals. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 767
Yoichi Yagi
52 Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty: Cosmetic
Nasal Contouring Through the Use of Fillers . 773
Cameron K. Rokhsar and Molly M. Murray
53 Spreader Graft Injection with Calcium
Hydroxylapatite. 783
Christopher P. Nyte
54 Filler, Botulinum Toxin, and Rhinoplasty:
The Medical Rhinoplasty Concept . 791
Frédéric Braccini and Alessio Redaelli
55 Non-surgical Nasal Augmentation and Correction
of Post-rhinoplasty Contour Asymmetries
with Hyaluronic Acid. 799
Dominic Bray
56 GORE-TEX Implants in Rhinoplasty. 809
Krzysztof Conrad and Andrew J. Conrad
57 Simultaneous Rhinoplasty and Orthognathic
Double Jaw Procedures: How to Get the Nasolabial
Unit Harmony. 819
Mirco Raffaini
Part VI Tip Procedures
58 Suture Nasal Tip Lift . 837
Hassan Abbas Khawaja and Melvin A. Shiffman
59 Resection of Strips of Alar Cartilages
for the Difficult Projected Tip with Thin Skin. 845
Abder-Rahman Mounir and Edward Latimer-Sayer
60 Tip Shaping in Primary Rhinoplasty . 853
Ashkan Ghavami
61 A Modified Delivery Approach. 869
Rui Xavier
62 The Double Columellar Strut: An Adjunct
to Improve the Nasal Tip. 877
Mark Berman
63 Surgery on the Primary Nasal Tip: New Domes
Technique and Banner Technique. 887
Eduardo Morera Serna and Felipe Culaciati Tapia
64 The Medial Crural Suture Technique:
Long-Term Columellar Narrowing Resulting
in Increased Tip Projection and Rotation. 911
Helen Perakis and Achih H. Chen
65 The Onlay Folded Flap (OFF) for Nasal
Tip Surgery. 919
Hani Abou Mayaleh
Part VII Complications
66 Complications of Rhinoplasty. 933
Brian C. Harsha
Part VIII Revision Rhinoplasty
67 Functional and Aesthetic Concerns
of Patients Seeking Revision Rhinoplasty. 947
Kathy Yu, Alyn Kim, and Steven J. Pearlman
68 Revision Rhinoplasty: Evaluating the Patient
and the Problem . 957
Keith Ladner and Edward H. Farrior
69 Airway Patency in Aesthetic Rhinoplasty:
Primary and Revisional Techniques. 969
Fernando D. Burstein
70 Secondary Rhinoplasty in the Middle Eastern Patient. 983
Ashkan Ghavami
71 Revision Rhinoplasty of Asian Noses . 1001
Chan Hum Park
72 Open Rhinoplasty in Secondary Cases. 1037
Alberto Di Giuseppe and Luca Grassetti
73 The Decision Process in Choosing Costal
Cartilage During Rhinoplasty. 1057
Robert J. DeFatta
74 Harvesting Rib Cartilage Grafts
for Secondary Rhinoplasty. 1067
Vincent P. Marin and C. Spencer Cochran
75 Aesthetic and Functional Restoration Using
Dorsal Saddle-Shaped Medpor Implant
in Secondary Rhinoplasty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1075
Murat Türegün
76 Management of the Middle Third
in Revision Rhinoplasty. 1083
Jonathan Liang, Ji-Eon Kim, and Jonathan Sykes
77 Restoring the Drooping Tip and Hanging
Columella in Revision Rhinoplasty. 1095
A. Joshua Zimm and Samieh Sam Rizk
Part IX Miscellaneous
78 Advancing the Art of Rhinoplasty
with Tissue Engineering. 1107
Deborah Watson and Marsha S. Reuther
79 Algorithm for Posttraumatic Rhinoplasty. 1119
Tirbod Fattahi
Index . 1123


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