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Libreria medica internazionale
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Wilcox's Surgical Anatomy of the Heart 4th Edition
Anderson, Spicer, Hlavacek, Cook, Backer
Cambridge University Press
192,00 €
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The revised fourth edition of this classic textbook on cardiac anatomy written from the stance of the cardiac surgeon features many new images, including computed tomography angiography. The provision of multiple high quality surgical and pathological photographs makes it essential reading for cardiac surgeons, and of great value to cardiologists, surgical pathologists, radiologists and anaesthetists. The book will also be a valuable reference resource for any healthcare professional or researcher who needs to understand detailed cardiac anatomy. The book begins by describing the surgical approaches to the heart. It goes on to discuss the normal surgical anatomy of the cardiac chambers, the valves, and the systems for circulation and conduction within the heart. This provides the essential anatomical information required to assess and interpret the malformations, lesions and abnormalities discussed in the remainder of the book.

  • Written by an expert team of authors who are leading authorities in the field
  • Featuring many new images, including computed tomography angiography
  • Detailed colour line diagrams, drawn specifically for the book, help to explain key concepts and simplify complex descriptions


1. Surgical approaches to the heart
2. Anatomy of the cardiac chambers
3. Surgical anatomy of the valves of the heart
4. Surgical anatomy of the coronary circulation
5. Surgical anatomy of cardiac conduction
6. Analytic description of congenitally malformed hearts
7. Lesions with normal segmental connections
8. Lesions in hearts with abnormal segmental connections
9. Abnormalities of the great vessels
10. Positional anomalies of the heart


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