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Libreria medica internazionale
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Venous Disorders
Current Concepts
Khanna, Jindal
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Venous disorders are extremely common in clinical practice, and recent years have seen a number of changes in the treatment of these conditions.

This book covers the advances in our understanding and the management of venous disorders – both superficial and deep. It includes up-to-date reviews on the hemodynamics of venous circulation in the lower limbs, deep venous reflux, novel biomarkers in deep vein thrombosis, post thrombotic syndrome, infra-popliteal DVT, relevance of wave length in laser treatment of varicose veins, pelvic congestion syndrome, May-Thurner syndrome, nut cracker syndrome, endothermal heat-induced thrombosis, recurrent varicose veins, and venous trauma. It also discusses important topics such as one-stop vein clinics, alternatives for venous ulcer treatment, venous anatomy, therapeutic options in lymphedema, nerve damage during endovenous thermal ablation, newer oral anticoagulants, compression therapy for venous ulcer, sclerotherapy for varicose veins and thrombolysis for DVT. 

Written by leading experts in their field, this book is a key resource for practicing vein physicians and surgeons, and postgraduates in surgery training programs, enabling them to incorporate the latest advances into their day-to-day practice.

  • Anatomy of the Venous System of the Lower Limbs

    Uhl, Jean-François (et al.)

    Pages 1-20

  • Hemodynamic Aspects of Chronic Venous Disease

    Raju, Seshadri

    Pages 21-27

  • Deep Venous Reflux

    Jayaraj, Arjun

    Pages 29-38

  • Recurrent Varicose Veins

    Whiteley, Mark S.

    Pages 39-50

  • Relevance of Wavelength in Laser Treatment of Varicose Veins

    Bedi, Harinder Singh (et al.)

    Pages 51-61

  • Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins

    Grover, Tarun

    Pages 63-69

  • Nerve Injury due to Endovenous Thermal Ablation for Varicose Veins

    Padaria, Shoaib F.

    Pages 71-81

  • Endothermal Heat-Induced Thrombosis

    Thakore, Vijay (et al.)

    Pages 83-87

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis: The Disease

    Dekiwadia, Devendra

    Pages 89-103

  • Post-Thrombotic Syndrome

    Dekiwadia, Devendra (et al.)

    Pages 105-116

  • Isolated Infrapopliteal Deep Venous Thrombosis

    Gore, Madhuri

    Pages 117-128

  • Novel Biomarkers in Deep Vein Thrombosis

    Khanna, Ajay K. (et al.)

    Pages 129-135

  • Newer Oral Anticoagulants

    Jindal, Ravul (et al.)

    Pages 137-145

  • Therapeutic Alternatives for Venous Ulcer

    Vega Rasgado, Fernando

    Pages 147-158

  • Compression Therapy for Venous Ulcer

    Mosti, Giovanni

    Pages 159-169

  • Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

    Dekiwadia, Devendra (et al.)

    Pages 171-181

  • May-Thurner Syndrome

    Khanna, Soumya (et al.)

    Pages 183-189

  • Nutcracker Syndrome

    Savlania, Ajay (et al.)

    Pages 191-199

  • Venous Trauma

    Kohli, Arvind (et al.)

    Pages 201-203

  • Therapeutic Options in Lymphedema

    Olszewski, Waldemer Lech (et al.)

    Pages 205-223

  • One-Stop Vein Clinic: The Ideal Option

    Bootun, R. (et al.)

    Pages 225-233



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