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Libreria medica internazionale
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Urban Emergency Medicine
Curato, Shah, Reisig
Cambridge University Press
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Experts from the top hospitals in America's largest cities provide their insights into the disease states, injuries, patient populations, practice barriers, and societal conditions which present disproportionality in urban emergency departments. Distilling the authors' special expertise and skills in a clear and user-friendly way, this book enables the reader to recognize the impact of healthcare disparities on patient well-being and identify and manage the needs of special patient populations, including victims of substance abuse and intimate partner violence. Clinical chapters define conditions through case studies, discussing their prevalence in the urban setting, and offer expert advice for immediate and effective management. In addition, the book helpfully provides context and valuable tips for best practice and introduces new ways of thinking about the diseases and the problems discussed. Essential reading for clinicians looking to improve their knowledge of urban emergency medicine, from students through to senior attending practitioners.

  • Discusses both disease states and the social challenges commonly encountered in the urban milieu, collating in one place the topics which make the practice of emergency medicine in the urban environment a district entity
  • Written in digestible prose, without the granular clinical details often found in traditional textbooks, providing an accessible text for students to attending physicians across all disciplines
  • Expert authors with extensive experience practising emergency medicine at some of the best hospitals in America's biggest cities offer their valuable expertise on practice in the urban setting, and encountering one or more of the covered topics in a non-urban setting


Reviews & endorsements

'This book presents information about topics that are very relevant to urban environments but are not often included in 'traditional' EM textbooks. The clinical vignettes that initiate each chapter make the topics more clinically relevant and they are nicely wrapped up at the end of the chapters. The 'pro-tips' are excellent take home points and pearls to improve clinical practice.' Amal Mattu, M.D., Professor, Emergency Medicine, Vice Chair of Academic Affairs, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland

1. Caring for the homeless Maria Raven, Hemal Kanzaria and Jaskaran Bains
2. Disruptive and dangerous agitation Reuben J. Strayer
3. Penetrating trauma Alejandro A. Palma, Doreen Agboh and Devon Fiorino
4. Substance use David A. Leon, Arvin K. Jundoria and Andrew Stolbach
5. Human trafficking Inkyu Kim and Hanni Stoklosa
6. Travelers from overseas Arha Cho, Erena Weathers and Geoffrey W. Jara-Almonte
7. HIV, AIDS, and tuberculosis Marc Phillip Kanter, Trevor Marc Janus and Marimer Rivera-Nives
8. Asthma Claudia Simich and Michael P. Jones
9. Physician/patient discordance Tammy Jupic, Laura Smylie and Elizabeth Dubey
10. LGBTQIA+ Care Nicholas Avitabile
11. Child maltreatment Nisha Narayanan and Dana Lature
12. Care of vulnerable elders Surriya Ahmad, Michael Stern and Tony Rosen
13. Civil unrest: caring for police and protests Scott A. Goldberg and Stephen DeVries
14. Terrorism and mass casualty incidents Gregory R, Ciottone and Derrick Tin
15. Overcrowding, triage, care rationing Samita M. Heslin and Peter Viccellio.


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