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Ultrasound Guidance in Regional Anaesthesia
Peter Marhofer
Oxford University Press
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  • Includes helpful "Essentials" boxes which summarise key information needed for each technique
  • Features illustrations of the typical ultrasound cross-sectional view and needle guidance technique for each block description
  • Includes forewords by Professor Admir Hadzic and Professor Narinder Rawal

New to this edition

  • Now includes paediatric applications, making the book relevant to paediatric anaesthesiologists
  • Neuraxial techniques have been also incorporated for more comprehensive coverage of the subject

Ultrasonographic guidance for regional anaesthetic blocks is an innovative technique that allows for the direct visualization of nerves, adjacent structures and the position of the needle, as well as for the precise observation of the spread of local anaesthetic. The advantages of the technique allow for the exact administration of moderate volumes of local anaesthetic, reducing the risk of complications.

Written by a physician with 16 years' experience in ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia, this second edition of the well-received practical handbook provides a concise summary of the basics of ultrasound technology and the most recent techniques in the use of ultrasound to guide peripheral nerve blocks, focusing specifically on ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve block techniques.

All chapters have been carefully revised to provide the most recent knowledge in the topic of ultrasound in regional anaesthesia. A strong focus has still been attached on anatomical descriptions and subsequent practical implementations. Paediatric applications are now included in this new edition to aid paediatric anaesthesiologists, as well as the incorporation of neuraxial techniques to complete the entire topic. With illustrated colour images throughout, this book is highly relevant to anaesthesiologists and pain specialists with an interest in regional anaesthesia.

Readership: Anaesthesiologists and pain specialists with an interest in regional anaesthesia.

1: Basic principles of ultrasonography
2: The scientific background of ultrasound guidance in regional anaesthesia
3: Initial considerations and potential advantages of regional anaesthesia under ultrasound guidance
4: Limitations of the technique and suggestionsfor a training concept
5: Have we reached the golden standard in regional anaesthesia?
6: Technical and organisation prerequesites for ultrasonographic guided nerve blocks
7: Ultrasound guided regional anaesthestic techniques in children - current developments and particular considerations
8: Ultrasound appearance of nerves and other anatomical or non-anatomical structures
9: Needle guidance techniques
10: Pearls and pitfalls
11: Nerval supply of big joints
12: Neck blocks
13: Upper extremity blocks
14: Lower extremity blocks
15: Truncal blocks
16: Neuraxial block techniques
17: Catheter techniques
18: Future perspectives


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