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Ultrasonographic Anatomy of the Face and Neck for Minimally Invasive Procedures
An Anatomic Guideline for Ultrasonographic-Guided Procedures
KIM, Youn, Kim, Kim, Hong, Na,
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This is the very first book to describe the superficial anatomic structure of the face and neck by means of detailed ultrasonography (US). This superbly illustrated book will help aesthetic physicians to familiarize themselves with the US anatomy of the face and neck and to understand the applications and benefits of US when performing minimally invasive aesthetic procedures in this region. A deep understanding of anatomy is imperative if such procedures are to be safe and effective. Bearing in mind the range of potential anatomic variations, US can offer vital assistance in identifying target structures of the face beneath the skin when carrying out treatments that would otherwise be performed “blind”. In this book, readers will find detailed guidance on the use of US in the context of botulinum toxin and filler injections, threading procedures, and other minimally invasive aesthetic approaches. This is done with the aid of more than 530 US images, including cadaveric dissections and illustrations of volunteers and patients. For novices, valuable information is also provided on the basics of US imaging.

  • Basic Principles of Ultrasonographic Imaging

    Pages 1-24

    Kim, Hee-Jin (et al.)

  • General US Anatomy of the Face and Neck

    Pages 25-73

    Kim, Hee-Jin (et al.)

  • US Anatomy of the Forehead and Temple

    Pages 75-101

    Kim, Hee-Jin (et al.)

  • US Anatomy of the Periorbital Region

    Pages 103-125

    Kim, Hee-Jin (et al.)

  • US Anatomy of the Midface and Nose

    Pages 127-156

    Kim, Hee-Jin (et al.)

  • US Anatomy of the Perioral and Masseter Region

    Pages 157-197

    Kim, Hee-Jin (et al.)

  • US Anatomy of the Upper Superficial Cervical Region

    Pages 199-214

    Kim, Hee-Jin (et al.)

  • US Applications in Botulinum Toxin Injection Procedures

    Pages 215-241

    Kim, Hee-Jin (et al.)

  • US Applications in Filler Injection Procedures

    Pages 243-264

    Kim, Hee-Jin (et al.)

  • US Applications in Thread Lifting Procedures

    Pages 265-274

    Kim, Hee-Jin (et al.)


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