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Libreria medica internazionale
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Trigeminal Nerve Injuries
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  • First textbook devoted to diagnosis and management of trigeminal nerve injuries
  • Addresses key concepts in appropriate diagnosis of nerve injury
  • Describes indications for clinical management
  • Covers full range of surgical and nonsurgical treatment techniques
  • Includes algorithms and glossary that will assist in clinical management decisions
  • Ideal clinical reference for surgeons

Trigeminal nerve injuries present complex clinical challenges and can be very distressing for patients, resulting in abnormal sensations of the oro-facial region with episodes of unpleasant paresthesia and interference with activities of daily living. Since these injuries are frequently caused by surgical or dental procedures, patients may seek legal counsel as a result of their injury. Most surgeons, however, do not evaluate and manage patients with trigeminal nerve injuries on a regular basis, and may lack the knowledge and skills required for optimal patient management based upon the specific nerve injury.


Trigeminal Nerve Injuries is the first to be devoted to the comprehensive diagnosis and management of trigeminal nerve injuries. A wide range of topics are covered by experts in the field of microneurosurgery, including historical perspectives, demographics, etiology, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology and mechanisms of injury, clinical neurosensory testing, nonsurgical management, and surgical management and principles of microneurosurgery, specifically involving the inferior alveolar and lingual nerves. Algorithms and a glossary are provided that will assist in the clinical management of these complex scenarios. The authors include surgeons with considerable experience in the field who have previously published on the subject. This book will serve as an ideal clinical reference for surgeons with patients who sustain trigeminal nerve injuries.


Table of contents

Historical Perspectives on Trigeminal Nerve Injury.- Classification of Nerve Injuries.- Etiology and Prevention of Trigeminal Nerve Injuries.- Injection Injuries of the Trigeminal Nerve.- Third Molar Injuries of the Trigeminal Nerve.- Dental Implant-Related Injuries of the Trigeminal Nerve.- Nerve Repositioning Injuries of the Trigeminal Nerve.- Orthognathic Injuries of the Trigeminal Nerve.- Nerve Injury and Regeneration.- Clinical Evaluation of Nerve Injuries.- Imaging of the Trigeminal Nerve.- Nonsurgical Management of Trigeminal Nerve Injuries.- Surgical Management of Lingual Nerve Injuries.- Surgical Management of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Injuries.- Surgical Management of Facial Nerve Injuries.- Nerve Grafts and Conduits.- Complications of Trigeminal Nerve Repair.- Neurosensory Rehabilitation.- Outcomes of Trigeminal Nerve Repair.- Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Trigeminal Nerve Injuries.- Glossary of Terms.



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