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Third Mobile Window Syndrome of the Inner Ear
Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence and Associated Disorders
Gianoli, Thomson
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This book aims to provide a deeper understanding of Third Mobile Window Syndrome and its various forms beyond just Superior Canal Dehiscence. It will illuminate the various presentations of Third Mobile Window Syndrome, provide the means for diagnosis, and elucidate treatments. The disorder Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome was discovered in 1995 by Dr Lloyd Minor at The John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. Though he published his findings in 1998, there remains no book wholly devoted to the topic. For this reason, many neurotologists and otorhinolaryngologists still misunderstand this condition and its presentation.


Structured in six parts, the first part will be important in providing a context, and drawing together all of the learning that has been acquired since 1998, as well as explaining the complexities of the condition. The second and third parts will set out to detail all the aspects that are necessary for diagnosing a patient and then deciding on the best form of treatment, surgical or otherwise. Part four covers special situations, including bilateral SCDS and the pediatric patient. In part five, Philippa Thomson, a patient herself, will describe the patient perspective of symptoms and the complicated journey of identifying a diagnosis and securing expert care. Finally, part six covers future research.



Third Mobile Window Syndrome of the Inner Ear: Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence and Associated Disorders will provide clinicians involved in the treatment of inner ear disorders, balance dysfunction, and dizziness with the expertise they need to assist patients with Third Mobile Window Syndrome. It will also supply useful information to neurotologists/otologists, otolaryngologists, and neurologists. Researchers in the field of inner ear disorders will also find this to be a valuable text.  

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xix


  2. Part I

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-2


    2. History and Overview of Third Mobile Window Syndrome

      • P. Ashley Wackym, Carey D. Balaban, Todd M. Mowery

      Pages 3-25

    3. Etiology

      • Karl W. Doerfer, Robert S. Hong

      Pages 27-39

    4. Pathophysiology of Third Mobile Window Syndrome

      • John C. Li, Mitch F. Aquilina, Jenna J. Li

      Pages 41-68

    5. Classification of Third Mobile Window Anomalies

      • Eugen Ionescu, Gerard J. Gianoli, P. Ashley Wackym

      Pages 69-84

    6. The Otologic Mimicker: Vestibular and Auditory Symptoms

      • Mark Frilling, Sarah Mowry

      Pages 85-105

    7. The Cognitive/Psychological Effects of Third Mobile Window Syndrome

      • Todd M. Mowery, Carey D. Balaban, P. Ashley Wackym

      Pages 107-119

    8. Other Kinds of Dehiscences

      • Jordan M. Thompson, Robert W. Jyung

      Pages 121-154

    9. Perilymphatic Fistula

      • P. J. Valigorsky III, Gerard J. Gianoli, Dennis Fitzgerald

      Pages 155-171

  3. Part II

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 173-173


    2. Vestibular Symptoms and Magnitude of Disease Burden

      • Alan Desmond, Brady Workman, Pedrom Sioshansi

      Pages 175-192

    3. Taking the Patient History

      • Arun Pajaniappane, Paul Radomskij

      Pages 193-203

    4. Diagnostic Testing of Third Mobile Window Disorders

      • Surangi Mendis, Jay Patel, Nehzat Koohi

      Pages 205-247

    5. Imaging of Third Mobile Window Syndromes

      • Lee M. Bauter, Shweta Kumar, Vince M. Desiato, Gino Mongelluzzo, Arun K. Gadre

      Pages 249-265

  4. Part III

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 267-267


    2. Medical Therapy

      • Gerard J. Gianoli, James S. Soileau

      Pages 269-280

    3. Visual Manifestations and Treatment: The Intersection of Third Mobile Window Syndrome and Vertical Heterophoria

      • Debby Feinberg, Mark Rosner

      Pages 281-294

    4. Surgery, Complication, Revisions

      • Gerard J. Gianoli

      Pages 295-311

    5. Endovascular Therapy for Third Mobile Window Syndrome

      • Pierre Reynard, Eugen Ionescu, Martin Hitier, Charlotte Barbier, Francis Turjman

      Pages 313-324

    6. Part IV

      1. Front Matter

        Pages 325-325


      2. Bilateral Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome

        • Ariana Chow, Natalie Mahgerefteh, Courtney Duong, Khashayar Mozaffari, Quinton Gopen, Isaac Yang

        Pages 327-334

      3. Otosclerosis

        • Jonathan Choi, Seilish C. Babu

        Pages 335-343

      4. Increased Intracranial Pressure

        • Karl W. Doerfer, Christopher A. Schutt, Sarah Dwyer, Karl Kado

        Pages 345-359

      5. Endolymphatic Hydrops

        • Benjamin R. Johnson, Maroun Semaan, Sarah Mowry, Alejandro Rivas-Campo

        Pages 361-374

      6. Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome in the Only Hearing Ear

        • Miriam R. Smetak, Ankita Patro, David S. Haynes

        Pages 375-383

      7. The Pediatric Patient

        • Gustavo A. Marino, Michael D. Seidman

        Pages 385-403

      8. The Geriatric Patient

        • Michael J. Eliason, Cameron B. Lindemann, Michael D. Seidman

        Pages 405-412

      9. Cerebrospinal Fluid Fistulas and Encephaloceles in the Setting of Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence

        • J. Walter Kutz Jr., Donald Tan

        Pages 413-420

      10. Migraine, Headache, and Third Mobile Window Syndrome

        • P. Ashley Wackym, Carey D. Balaban, Todd M. Mowery

        Pages 421-433

      11. Postoperative Third Mobile Window Syndrome

        • Alexander L. Luryi, Dennis I. Bojrab

        Pages 435-443

    7. Part V

      1. Front Matter

        Pages 445-447


      2. Patient Stories

        • Philippa Thomson

        Pages 449-462

      3. Patient Experiences of Living with Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome

        • Krister Tano, Anette Sörlin

        Pages 463-476

      4. Doctor-Patient Communication

        • Gerard J. Gianoli, Philippa Thomson

        Pages 477-492

    8. Part VI

      1. Front Matter

        Pages 493-493


      2. Future Research

        • Bradley W. Kesser, Daniel R. Morrison

        Pages 495-517

    9. Back Matter

      Pages 519-524



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