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Libreria medica internazionale
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The Pediatric and Perinatal Autopsy Manual
Cohen, Scheimberg
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The Pediatric and Perinatal Autopsy Manual is a clear and practical yet comprehensive guide for pathology trainees and non-pediatric pathologists. With chapters organized by types of autopsy, this manual answers questions such as: what do I do in cases of congenital malformation or suspected metabolic disease? What is important in the diagnosis of intrapartum and neonatal death? What must I consider in a baby with intrauterine growth restriction and stillbirth? How do I perform a post-mortem in a case of sudden death in infancy? Chapters describe the most important conditions to consider when examining the organs, both macroscopically and histologically, as well as descriptions of how to perform the autopsy. The book is richly illustrated throughout with numerous color images. Written and edited by leading experts in the field, this is an essential resource for non-pediatric general and trainee pathologists as well as forensic pathologists.

  • Offers practical guidance, focusing on types of autopsy and situations the pathologist might encounter
  • Chapters are written and edited by leading experts, providing up-to-date authoritative guidance with pertinent references
  • Illustrated throughout with color photos, helping the reader to achieve the correct diagnosis


  • Table of Contents

    1. Perinatal autopsy, techniques and classifications Mudher Al-Adnani
    2. Placental examination Beverly Rogers and Carlos Abramowsky
    3. The fetus at less than 15 weeks gestation L. Cesar Peres and Christina Vogt
    4. Stillbirth and intrauterine growth restriction Adrian Charles and Yee Khong
    5. Hydrops fetalis Geoffrey A. Machin
    6. Pathology of twinning and higher multiple pregnancy Phil Cox
    7. Is this a syndrome? Patterns in genetic conditions Meena Balasubramanian
    8. The metabolic disease autopsy Kevin Bove and Simon Olpin
    9. The abnormal heart Glenn P. Taylor, Mary N. Sheppard and S. Yen Ho
    10. Central nervous system Waney Squier and Férechté Encha-Razavi
    11. Significant congenital abnormalities of the respiratory, digestive, and renal systems Linda R. Margraf, Ana M. Gomez and Carlos A. Galliani
    12. Skeletal dysplasias Jo Wyatt-Ashmead, Tania Konstantinidou and Amaka Offiah
    13. Congenital tumors Sarangarajan Ranganathan
    14. Complications of prematurity Stephen Gould and Nicholas Smith
    15. Intrapartum and neonatal death Irene Scheimberg, Susan Arbuckle and Samantha Holden
    16. Sudden unexplained death in infancy (SUDI) Chitraleka Sethuraman, Robert Coombs and Marta C. Cohen
    17. Infections and malnutrition Ronald O. C. Kaschula and Helen C. Wainwright
    18. Role of MRI and radiology in post-mortems Alan Sprigg and Elspeth H. Whitby
    19. The forensic postmortem Janice Ophoven
    20. Appendix tables Irene Scheimberg, L. Cesar Peres and Marta C. Cohen



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