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Libreria medica internazionale
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The Handbook of Foot and Ankle Surgery: An Intellectual Approach to Complex Problems
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This handbook is a comprehensive guide to foot and ankle surgery. Beginning with an extensive section on general considerations, covering not only diagnosis, referral and the operating room, topics also include non-surgical aspects such as office management, administration, research and working with residents and fellows.

The following sections are divided by region of the foot, with each discussing in depth, the diagnosis and management of various abnormalities and disorders.

Written by an extensive, internationally recognised author and editor team from throughout the USA, this invaluable manual includes more than 500 full colour clinical photographs and illustrations.


Key points

  • Comprehensive guide to foot and ankle surgery
  • Covers all sections of the foot and associated disorders
  • Includes non-surgical considerations
  • Extensive US author and editor team

Author information

John S Gould MD
Professor of Surgery, Division of Orthopedic Surgery, Section Head, Foot and Ankle Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama, USA


1. General Workup of the Foot and Ankle Patient 3
John S Gould
2. Making the Diagnosis and the Discussion of Management with the Patient 5
John S Gould
3. Dealing with Referring Physicians 8
John S Gould
4. When to Refer a Patient? 9
John S Gould
5. When and How to Discharge a Patient from Your Practice? 11
Robert M Crabtree, John S Gould
6. The Operating Room 12
John S Gould
7. The Follow-up Clinic 15
John S Gould
8. Managing Complications 17
John S Gould
9. Working with Residents and Fellows 18
John S Gould
10. Administration and Organization of the Subspecialty Office 20
Judith W Smith
11. Clinical and Basic Research 24
Catherine Cunningham, Siddhant K Mehta, Sheldon S Lin
Section 2: Forefoot Problems
12. Bunions (Hallux Valgus) 35
Emilio Wagner, Cristian Ortiz, Pablo Wagner
13. Hallux Rigidus and Arthritis of the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint 46
John S Gould
14. Second Hammer Toe and Cross-over Toe 56
John S Gould
xvi The Handbook of Foot and Ankle Surgery
15. Other Lesser Toe Problems 61
John S Gould
16. Great Toe Sesamoid Problems 66
John S Gould
Section 3: Midfoot Problems
17. Tarsometatarsal and Midtarsal Joint Arthritis 73
Bruce Cohen
18. Fourth and Fifth Tarsometatarsal Arthritis 76
Bruce Cohen
19. Stress Fractures of the Tarsal Navicular 79
Bruce Cohen
20. Avascular Necrosis of the Tarsal Navicular 83
Bruce Cohen
Section 4: Hindfoot Problems
21. Heel Pain Syndrome and Plantar Fasciitis 87
John S Gould
22. Subtalar and Transverse Tarsal Arthritis 89
John S Gould
23. Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction 95
John S Gould
24. Flexible Flat Foot in Children and Adolescents 101
Joseph G Khoury
25. Rigid Flat Foot in Children and Adolescents 106
Joseph G Khoury
26. Cavus Foot in Adolescents and Adults 111
Joseph G Khoury, John S Gould
27. Subtalar Arthroscopy, Hindfoot Endoscopy and Tendoscopy 119
Shana N Miskovsky
Section 5: Ankle Problems
28. Lateral Instability of the Ankle 139
John S Gould
29. Medial Instability of the Ankle 146
Emilio Wagner, Cristian Ortiz, Pablo Wagner
Contents xvii
30. Ankle Arthroscopy 152
Shana N Miskovsky
31. Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Talus 175
John S Kirchner, Beatriz Garcia-Cardona
32. Ruptures of the Tendo-Achilles 184
Shana N Miskovsky, Christopher Orr
33. Haglund Deformity, Retrocalcaneal Bursitis and “Pump Bumps” 205
John S Gould
34. Insertional Tendinosis of the Tendo-Achilles 208
John S Gould
35. Noninsertional Tendinosis and Paratendinitis of the Tendo-Achilles 213
John S Gould
36. Peroneal Tendon Pathology 215
John S Gould
37. Anterior Tibial Ruptures 219
John S Gould
38. Arthritis of the Ankle Including Adjacent and Pantalar Arthritis 221
John S Gould
39. Arthrodesis of the Ankle 223
John S Gould
40. Total Ankle Arthroplasty Including Combinations with Osteotomies
and Arthrodesis of Surrounding Bones and Joints 226
Sonya Ahmed, William McGarvey, John S Gould
41. Combined Ankle and Subtalar Arthrodesis (Pantalar), Ankle and
Triple Combined Arthrodesis 236
John S Gould
Section 6: Nerve Problems of the Foot and Ankle
42. Nerve Problems of the Foot and Ankle 241
John S Gould
43. Neuromas—Acute and Chronic or Recurrent 242
John S Gould
44. Entrapment Syndromes 247
John S Gould
Section 7: Neuromuscular Problems
45. Cerebral Palsy 273
Michael Conklin, Stephen F Pehler
xviii The Handbook of Foot and Ankle Surgery
46. Acquired Brain Injury 285
Michael Conklin
47. Muscular Dystrophy 287
Michael Conklin
Section 8: The Rheumatoid Foot
48. Rheumatoid Pathology 293
Katherine C Ma, Judith F Baumhauer
Section 9: The Diabetic Foot
49. The Neuropathic Foot 313
James J Sferra
Section 10: Special Fracture Problems of the Foot and Ankle
50. Pilon Fractures 327
William Min, Jason Lowe
51. Unstable Ankle Fractures 333
William Min, Jason Lowe
52. Talus Fractures 338
William Min, Jason Lowe
53. Calcaneus Fractures 343
William Min, Jason Lowe
54. Subtalar Dislocations 348
William Min, Jason Lowe
55. Fifth Metatarsal Fractures 351
William Min, Jason Lowe
Index 355


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