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Libreria medica internazionale
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The Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine: An IOC Medical Commission Publication, Volume XIX, Sports Nutrition
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It is well understood that proper nutrition has a significant impact on sports performance. All of the essential nutrients must be supplied in the right amounts and at the right times for an athlete to achieve optimal health and performance. In addition, when devising eating strategies that will help athletes meet their goals, sports nutritionists must take account of personal preferences, social and cultural issues, and a whole range of other factors. 

This latest volume in the Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine series, published by Wiley in partnership with the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee, Sports Nutrition covers this dynamic field in unparalleled depth and breadth, from the scientific underpinnings of nutritional science to the development of practical nutritional programs for athletes in a range of sports. Written and edited by the world’s leading authorities on nutrition in sports, this timely new reference: 

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of nutrition for both individual and team sports
  • Presents current knowledge of macronutrients, micronutrients, and dietary supplements for the athlete, outlining both benefits and risks
  • Offers clear guidance on the unique nutritional needs of special populations of athletes, such as vegetarian athletes, young athletes and aging athletes
  • Includes chapters on the clinical nutritional needs of diabetic athletes and athletes with weight management issues
  • Carries the full endorsement of the IOC Medical Commission



List of Contributors, viii

Foreword, xii

Preface, xiii

Part 1 The Underpinning Science

1 Human Nutrition, 3
david a. bender

2 Exercise Physiology, 20
w. larry kenney, robert murray

3 Biochemistry of Exercise, 36
michael gleeson

Part 2 Energy and Macronutrients

4 How to Assess the Energy Costs of Exercise and Sport, 61
barbara e. ainsworth

5 Energy Balance and Energy Availability, 72
anne b. loucks

6 Assessing Body Composition, 88
timothy r. ackland, arthur d. stewart

7 Carbohydrate Needs of Athletes in Training, 102
louise m. burke

8 The Regulation and Synthesis of Muscle Glycogen by Means of Nutrient Intervention, 113
john l. ivy

9 Carbohydrate Ingestion During Exercise, 126
asker jeukendrup

10 Defining Optimum Protein Intakes for Athletes, 136
stuart m. phillips

11 Dietary Protein as a Trigger for Metabolic Adaptation, 147
luc j.c. van loon

12 Fat Metabolism During and After Exercise, 156
bente kiens, jacob jeppesen

13 Metabolic Adaptations to a High-Fat Diet, 166
john a. hawley, wee kian yeo

14 Water and Electrolyte Loss and Replacement in Training and Competition, 174
ronald j. maughan

15 Performance Effects of Dehydration, 185
eric d.b. goulet

16 Rehydration and Recovery After Exercise, 199
susan m. shirreffs

17 Nutritional Effects on Central Fatigue, 206
bart roelands, romain meeusen

Part 3 Micronutrients and Dietary Supplements

18 Vitamins, Minerals, and Sport Performance, 217
stella l. volpe, ha nguyen

19 Iron Requirements and Iron Status of Athletes, 229
giovanni lombardi, giuseppe lippi, giuseppe banfi

20 Calcium and Vitamin D, 242
enette larson-meyer

21 Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress: Are Supplemental Antioxidants Warranted?, 263
john c. quindry, andreas kavazis, scott k. powers

22 Dietary Phytochemicals, 277
j. mark davis, benjamin gordon, e. angela murphy, martin d. carmichael

23 Risks and Rewards of Dietary Supplement Use by Athletes, 291
ronald j. maughan

24 Creatine, 301
francis b. stephens, paul l. greenhaff

25 Caffeine and Exercise Performance, 313
lawrence l. spriet

26 Buffering Agents, 324
craig sale, roger c. harris

27 Alcohol, Exercise, and Sport, 336
ronald j. maughan, susan m. shirreffs

Part 4 Practical Issues

28 The Female Athlete, 347
susan i. barr

29 The Young Athlete, 359
flavia meyer, brian w. timmons

30 The Aging Athlete, 369
christine a. rosenbloom

31 The Vegetarian Athlete, 382
jacqueline r. berning

32 The Special Needs Athlete, 392
elizabeth broad

33 Overreaching and Unexplained Underperformance Syndrome: Nutritional Interventions, 404
paula robson-ansley, ricardo costa

34 The Traveling Athlete, 415
susie parker-simmons, kylie andrew

35 Environment and Exercise, 425
samuel n. cheuvront, brett r. ely, randall l. wilber

36 Food and Nutrition Considerations at Major Competitions, 439
fiona pelly

Part 5 Health-Related and Clinical Sports Nutrition

37 Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health, 455
barry braun, benjamin f. miller

38 Exercise, Nutrition, and Inflammation, 466
michael j. kraakman, martin whitham, mark a. febbraio

39 Exercise, Nutrition, and Immune Function, 478
david c. nieman

40 The Diabetic Athlete, 490
gurjit bhogal, nicholas peirce

41 The Overweight Athlete, 503
helen o’connor

42 Eating Disorders in Male and Female Athletes, 513
monica k. torstveit, jorunn sundgot-borgen

43 Importance of Gastrointestinal Function to Athletic Performance and Health, 526
nancy j. rehrer, john mclaughlin, lucy k. wasse

44 Hyponatremia of Exercise, 539
timothy d. noakes

Part 6 Sport-Specifi c Nutrition: Practical Issues

45 Strength and Power Events, 551
eric s. rawson, charles e. brightbill, michael j. stec

46 Sprinting: Optimizing Dietary Intake, 561
gary slater, helen o’connor, bethanie allanson

47 Distance Running, 572
trent stellingwerff

48 Cycling, 584
peter hespel

49 Gymnastics, 596
dan benardot

50 Swimming, 607
louise m. burke, gregory shaw

51 Winter Sports, 619
nanna l. meyer

52 Team Sports, 629
francis holway

53 Weight-Category Sports, 639
hattie h. wright, ina garthe

Index, 651



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