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Libreria medica internazionale
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The Embryologic Basis of Craniofacial Structure
Developmental Anatomy, Evolutionary Design, and Clinical Applications
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Focusing on the anatomy of the head and neck, this book begins at the cellular level of development, detailing bone, muscle, blood supply, and innervation along the way. It illustrates the origin of each tissue structure to aid in making prognoses beyond the surface deformation, offering typical issues seen in the craniofacial region, for example. Written by a pediatric Craniofacial plastic surgeon and intended for clinicians and residents in the areas of plastic surgery, ENT, maxillofacial surgery, and orthodontistry, this book is the first of its kind to focus so intently on evolution of the craniofacial structure. It is neatly broken up into two distinct sections.

The first section is meant for readers to gain a fundamental understanding of the development of craniofacial structures, from embryo onward, relying on the concepts of the Neuromeric Theory. The chapters in the first section of the book trace the development of the typical patient. The second section offers clinical examples of how the Neuromeric Theory can be used to repair or reconstruct various regions of the head and neck. Craniofacial clefts, including cleft lip and palate, ocular hypotelorism, anencephaly, craniosynostosis and more are detailed. Understanding the formation of the tissue structures involved in any given genetic deformation or anomaly enables the clinician to provide a more satisfying outcome for the patient, both structurally and aesthetically. New and current therapeutic options are explored and supported through original illustrations and photographs to aid in determining the best treatment for each individual patient.

Embryological Principles of Craniofacial Structure bridges the gap between introductory books on the basic anatomy of the head and neck and the detailed understanding required for corrective surgery of craniofacial defects. 

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xlviii


  2. Neuromeric Organization of the Head and Neck

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 1-49

  3. Anatomy of Mesenchyme and the Pharyngeal Arches

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 51-137

  4. Embryonic Staging: The Carnegie System

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 139-170

  5. Neurovascular Organization and Assembly of the Face

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 171-239

  6. The Neuromeric System: Segmentation of the Neural Tube

    • Michael H. Carstens, Harvey B. Sarnat

    Pages 241-309

  7. Development of the Craniofacial Blood Supply: Intracranial System

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 311-414

  8. Development of the Craniofacial Blood Supply: Extracranial System

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 415-486

  9. Developmental Anatomy of the Craniofacial Bones

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 487-708

  10. Neuromuscular Development: Motor Columns, Cranial Nerves, and Pharyngeal Arches

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 709-780

  11. The Neck: Development and Evolution

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 781-940

  12. Developmental Anatomy of Craniofacial Skin, Fat, and Fascia

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 941-1036

  13. The Meninges

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 1037-1085

  14. The Orbit

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 1087-1227

  15. Pathologic Anatomy of the Hard Palate

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 1229-1306

  16. Alveolar Extension Palatoplasty: The Role of Developmental Field Reassignment in the Prevention of Sequential Vascular Isolation and Growth Arrest

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 1307-1387

  17. Pathologic Anatomy of the Soft Palate

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 1389-1435

  18. Buccinator Interposition Palatoplasty: The Role of Developmental Field Reassignment in the Management of Velopharyngeal Insufficiency

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 1437-1483

  19. Pathologic Anatomy of Nasolabial Clefts: Spectrum of the Microform Deformity and the Neuromeric Basis of Cleft Surgery

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 1485-1562

  20. DFR Cheilorhinoplasty: The Role of Developmental Field Reassignment in the Management of Facial Asymmetry and the Airway in the Complete Cleft Deformity

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 1563-1642

  21. Biologics in Craniofacial Reconstruction: Morphogens and Stem Cells

    • Michael H. Carstens

    Pages 1643-1717

  22. Back Matter

    Pages 1719-1723


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