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Libreria medica internazionale
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The Diabetic Foot 5th edition
Medical and Surgical Management
Veves, Giurini, Schermerhorn
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The fifth addition of this classic text that focuses on the diabetic foot continues the tradition of the previous four editions. More specifically, it includes contributions from a distinguished panel of clinicians and researchers, who have either participated in previous editions or are new, who provide up-to-date information on the pathophysiology and management of diabetic foot ulceration.

As with the previous editions, it is divided into three sections: the first part focuses on clinical features and diagnosis; the second on pathophysiology; and the third on the management of diabetic foot problems. The main emphasis of the clinical part is on the multidisciplinary approach that has been mainly developed by the world-renowned Joslin-Beth Israel Deaconess Foot Center, which pioneered the management of diabetic lower extremity problems. Also like previous editions, the author panel includes diabetologists, podiatrists, vascular surgeons, infectious disease specialists,orthotists, plastic and orthopedic surgeons, the majority of whom work at the Joslin-Beth Israel Deaconess Foot Center. In addition, the fifth edition not only describes the state-of-the-art current methods in clinical practice but also includes a thorough update of all research progress during the last five years.

This updated edition of this timely text will be of significant value to all physicians and researchers with interest in a comprehensive understanding of the diabetic foot.

    Front Matter
    Pages i-xv

    Clinical Features and Diagnosis
        Front Matter
        Pages 1-1

        The Epidemiology of Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Amputation
            David J. Margolis
        Pages 3-9
        Clinical Examination and Risk Classification of the Diabetic Foot
            Lawrence A. Lavery, Mehmet A. Suludere
        Pages 11-25
        Diabetic Neuropathy
            Solomon Tesfaye, Triantafyllos Didangelos
        Pages 27-46
        Clinical Features and Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease
            Nicholas J. Swerdlow, Allen D. Hamdan
        Pages 47-58
        Imaging of Infection in the Diabetic Foot
            Mary G. Hochman, Caitlin Connolly
        Pages 59-92
        Principles of Care in the Diabetic Surgical Patient
            Natasha Khazai, Osama Hamdy
        Pages 93-106
        Front Matter
        Pages 107-107

        Physiology and Pathophysiology of Wound Healing in Diabetes
            Irena Pastar, Nathan C. Balukoff, Andrew P. Sawaya, Nicole M. Vecin, Marjana Tomic-Canic
        Pages 109-134
        Regeneration of the Skin and Peripheral Nerves in the Adult
            Alan Z. Yang, Daniela Lee, Daniella Dennis, Samuel J. Lin
        Pages 135-151
        Neuropeptides, Inflammation, and Diabetic Wound Healing: Lessons from Experimental Models and Human Subjects
            Lucas Mota, Frank W. LoGerfo, Aristidis Veves, Leena Pradhan-Nabzdyk
        Pages 153-183
        Pathophysiology of Microvascular Disease in Diabetes
            Brandon J. Sumpio, Aristidis Veves
        Pages 185-197
        High Content Single Cell and Spatial Tissue Profiling Modalities for Deciphering the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Wound Healing
            Yered H. Pita-Juarez, Nikolas Kalavros, Dimitra Karagkouni, Yuling Ma, Xanthi-Lida Katopodi, Ioannis S. Vlachos
        Pages 199-218
        Structural and Functional Changes in Skin of the Diabetic Foot
            Paschalis Chatzipantelis, Eleftheria Angeliki Valsami, Antonios Kafanas, Aristidis Veves
        Pages 219-231
        Biomechanics of the Diabetic Foot: The Road to Foot Ulceration
            Panagiotis V. Tsaklis, Nikolaos Tentolouris
        Pages 233-252
        Cell Therapies: New Frontier for the Management of Diabetic Foot Ulceration
            Sasha Shenk, Ramone Brown, Olga Kashpur, Avi Smith, Ryan Imbriaco, Bradford Greaves et al.
        Pages 253-271
        Role of Extracellular Vesicles, Modified mRNA, miRNA, and siRNA in Diabetic Lower Extremity Complications
            Georgios Theocharidis, Jenny Li
        Pages 273-286
        Tissue-Engineered Wound Dressings for Diabetic Foot Ulcers
            Simon Matoori, Sahar Rahmani, David J. Mooney
        Pages 287-298
        Infection in Diabetes: Epidemiology, Immune Dysfunctions, and Therapeutics
            Ruchi Roy, Raj Singh, Sasha H. Shafikhani
        Pages 299-326

    Biomarkers of Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Its Healing Progress
        Monika A. Niewczas, Hetal Shah
    Pages 327-338
    Experimental Animal Models in Research: Diabetes and Impaired Wound Healing
        Mauricio Contreras, Enya Wang
    Pages 339-360

Management of the Diabetic Foot

    Front Matter
    Pages 361-361
    Microbiology and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Infection
        Mary T. LaSalvia, Adolf W. Karchmer
    Pages 363-378
    Preparation of the Wound Bed of the Diabetic Foot Ulcer
        Kevin Riemer, Kevin Buczkowski
    Pages 379-388
    Topical Wound Care Treatment and Indications for Their Use
        Abby Hargis, Narges Maskan Bermudez, Marita Yaghi, Robert S. Kirsner
    Pages 389-403
    Surgical Treatment of the Ulcerated Foot
        Juan Ceja Solorio, John M. Giurini
    Pages 405-431
    Lower Extremity Arterial Reconstruction in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus: Principles of Treatment
        Sophie X. Wang, Mark C. Wyers
    Pages 433-455
    Reconstruction of the Diabetic Foot
        Eric Shiah, Amy Chen, Ryan P. Cauley, Arriyan S. Dowlatshahi
    Pages 457-475
    The Charcot Foot in Diabetes
        Lee C. Rogers, Stephanie N. Campbell, Robert G. Frykberg
    Pages 477-500
    Amputations and Rehabilitation
        John T. Marcoux, Thao Nguyen, Lars Stangenberg
    Pages 501-523

Organization and Preventive Care

    Front Matter
    Pages 525-525

    Organization of a Diabetic Foot Care Team
        Thanh Dinh, Barry I. Rosenblum
    Pages 527-534
    Quality of Health Care
        Katherine M. McDermott, Caitlin W. Hicks
    Pages 535-549
    Psychosocial and Educational Implications of Diabetic Foot Complications
        Elizabeth A. Beverly, Arlene Smaldone
    Pages 551-564
    The Role of Footwear in the Prevention of Diabetic Foot Problems
        Luigi Uccioli, Laura Giurato
    Pages 565-578

Back Matter
Pages 579-592



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