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Libreria medica internazionale
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The ACL Handbook
Murray, Vavken, Fleming
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  • A truly innovative integrative multidisciplinary approach
  • Consolidates the knowledge on the issue of ACL injuries and repair
  • Cutting-edge developments for ACL treatment are relevant for a wide variety of specialists

ACL injuries affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year. Treatment is far from perfect, and physicians and patients face challenges such as high failure rates in adolescent athletes and the inability to slow the accelerated progression of arthritis after an ACL rupture, for example. The ACL Handbook takes a complete view of ACL injuries and treatments, discussing:


- Normal ACL and knee mechanics

- The body's response to ACL injury

- Development of new treatment methods


Ideal for orthopedists, sports medicine physicians, and physical therapists, The ACL Handbook is a unique resource for information on the basic and applied science of ACL injury, repair, and the future of treatment.


Part 1 - ACL Injury: The Clinical ProblemChapter 1 ACL Injury Epidemiology Patrick Vavken and Martha M. MurrayChapter 2 History of ACL Treatment and Current Gold Standard of Care
Martha M. MurrayChapter 3 ACL Clinical Outcomes Carolyn Hettrich and Kurt P. SpindlerChapter 4 ACL Treatment in the Skeletally Immature PatientPatrick Vavken and Martha M. MurrayPart 2 - ACL Injury: The Biologic ProblemChapter 5 The Biology of the Normal ACLMartha M. Murray and Braden C. FlemingChapter 6 The Role of Inflammation and Blood Cells in Wound HealingLinda H. Chao and Martha M. MurrayChapter 7 The ACL Response to InjuryMartha M. MurrayChapter 8 The Biology of Impaired Healing of Joint IssuesMartha M. MurrayPart 3 - Translational Medicine: In Vitro and In Vivo ModelsChapter 9 Translational MedicinePatrick VavkenChapter 10 In Vitro Models of ACL InjuryPatrick Vavken and Braden C. FlemingChapter 11 In Vivo Models of ACL Injury (Central Defect, Porcine, Ovine, Canine) Benedikt Proffen and Martha M. MurrayChapter 12 Tissue Engineering of Ligaments and TendonsPatrick Vavken and Martha M. MurrayChapter 13 Outcome Assessment for ACL Tissue EngineeringPatrick Vavken, Martha M. Murray, and Braden C. FlemingPart 4 - Stimulating Healing of the ACL Using Tissue EngineeringChapter 14 Scaffolds and Biologic Additives for ACL SurgeryRyu Yoshida and Martha M. MurrayChapter 15 Use of Biologics to Treat Partial ACL TearsMartha M. MurrayChapter 16 Can We Get a Complete ACL Tear to Heal?Carla Haslauer and Martha M. MurrayChapter 17 The Effects of Platelets and Their Concentration on ACL Healing Patrick VavkenChapter 18 The Effects of WBCs and RBCs on Ligament Healing Linda Chao and Martha M. Murray Chapter 19 Safety of the Bioenhanced RepairElise M. Magarian and Martha M. MurrayChapter 20 Re-Innervation and Revascularization in Engineered ACL HealingBenedikt Proffen and Martha M. MurrayChapter 21 Bio-enhancement of ACL Graft HealingBraden C. FlemingChapter 22 The Effects of Age and Skeletal Maturity on Healing of the Anterior Cruciate LigamentLinda H. Chao and Martha M. Murray


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