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Libreria medica internazionale
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Textbook of Dermatologic Ultrasound
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This book provides a pedagogical guide to dermatologic ultrasound. As in any imaging field, dermatologic ultrasound is dynamic, and the area expands with the release of new technology. This textbook is a mix of the essential knowledge necessary to start and a detailed update to the dermatologic ultrasound field.

This book is divided into three sections: The Requisites, Ultrasound Features of Common Dermatologic Conditions, and Practicalities. The first section details the basic information needed in dermatologic ultrasound, including technical recommendations and dermatologic concepts. The second covers major dermatologic conditions and their ultrasound presentation, including benign and malignant skin tumors, pediatric conditions, nail entities, inflammatory conditions, infections and infestations, and aesthetics. The final section covers tips for reporting and interventional dermatologic ultrasound procedures.Chapters present substantial clinical, ultrasonographic, and histologic correlation, including algorithms to help discriminate different conditions. The book additionally includes 150 self-assessment questions (CME) in the backmatter, multiple key points, a plethora of state-of-the-art images with probes that go from 18 to 70 MHz, and ultrasound videos.

This is a must guide for physicians, residents, and students in radiology, dermatology, plastic surgery, and any professional who wants to brush up on the dermatologic ultrasound field.

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xvii


  2. The Requisites

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1


    2. Technical Recommendations, Settings, Protocols, Training, and Reports of the Dermatologic Ultrasound Examinations

      • Ximena Wortsman

      Pages 3-15

    3. Training in Dermatologic Ultrasound

      • Fernando Alfageme

      Pages 17-19

    4. Dermatologic Concepts and Terminology

      • Diana Crisan, Maria Crisan

      Pages 21-72

    5. Ultrasound Imaging: Basic Principles and Terminology

      • Diana Gaitini, Yehuda Ullmann, Marcia Javitt

      Pages 73-87

    6. Comprehensive Ultrasonographic Anatomy of the Normal Skin, Nail, Hair, and Adjacent Structures

      • Ximena Wortsman, Camila Ferreira-Wortsman, Yamile Corredoira, Kharla Pizarro

      Pages 89-100

    7. Relevant Topographic Anatomy of the Head, Anatomical Variants, and Risk Zones

      • Ximena Wortsman, Camila Ferreira-Wortsman

      Pages 101-129

  3. Ultrasound Features of Common Dermatologic Conditions

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 131-131


    2. Ultrasound of Congenital Cutaneous Conditions

      • Ximena Wortsman, Kharla Pizarro, Yamile Corredoira, Claudia Morales, Laura Carreño

      Pages 133-156

    3. Nonvascular Benign Tumors and Pseudotumors

      • Ximena Wortsman, Kharla Pizarro, Yamile Corredoira, Laura Carreño, Claudia Morales

      Pages 157-183

    4. Essential Concepts on Ultrasonography of Skin Cancer

      • Ximena Wortsman, Kharla Pizarro, Yamile Corredoira, Laura Carreño, Claudia Morales

      Pages 185-211

    5. Ultrasound of Cutaneous Melanoma: Primary Tumor Assessment and Locoregional Staging

      • Orlando Catalano

      Pages 213-249

    6. Ultrasound of Cutaneous Lymphomas

      • Anitha Mandava

      Pages 251-258

    7. Use of Ultrasound in Cryosurgical Treatment

      • Paola Pasquali, Myrto-Georgia Trakatelli

      Pages 259-265

    8. Basal Cell Carcinoma Ultrasound Examination with 20 and 75 MHz High-Frequency Ultrasound

      • Artur Bezugly

      Pages 267-281

    9. Role of Ultrasound at 50 MHz in Skin Cancer

      • Jie Liu, Yu-Kun Wang, Qing-Li Zhu

      Pages 283-292

    10. Role of Ultrasound at 70 MHz in Skin Cancer

      • Teresa Oranges, Valentina Dini, Marco Romanelli

      Pages 293-300

    11. Ultrasound of Vascular Tumors

      • Ximena Wortsman

      Pages 301-313

    12. Main Concepts on Ultrasonography of Dermatologic Inflammatory Conditions

      • Ximena Wortsman, Yamile Corredoira, Kharla Pizarro, Laura Carreño, Claudia Morales

      Pages 315-340

    13. Ultrasound Features of Common Dermatologic Conditions

      1. Clinical Overview of Inflammatory Dermatologic Conditions

        • Cristián Vera-Kellet

        Pages 341-344

      2. Clinical Overview of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

        • Fernando Valenzuela, Rodrigo Flores

        Pages 345-365

      3. Ultrasound of Common Infestations and Infections

        • Marcio Bouer, Ximena Wortsman

        Pages 367-386

      4. Ultrasound of Nail Conditions

        • Ximena Wortsman, Yamile Corredoira, Kharla Pizarro, Laura Carreño, Claudia Morales

        Pages 387-414

      5. Ultrasound in Aesthetics

        • Ximena Wortsman

        Pages 415-432

      6. Cutaneous Ultrasonography in Pediatric Dermatology

        • Ana Isabel Rodríguez Bandera

        Pages 433-483

    14. Practicalities

      1. Front Matter

        Pages 485-485


      2. Tips for Reporting Dermatologic Ultrasound Examinations

        • Ximena Wortsman

        Pages 487-496

      3. Ultrasound Intervention in Tumors, Pseudotumors, and Vascular Soft-Tissue Lesions

        • Jose Luis del Cura, Gorka del Cura

        Pages 497-507

      4. Ultrasound-Assisted Hidradenitis Suppurativa Procedures

        • Francisco Javier García Martínez

        Pages 509-515

      5. Interventional Dermatologic Ultrasound in Aesthetics

        • Fernanda Aquino Cavallieri, Laila Klotz de Almeida Balassiano

        Pages 517-524

      6. The Role of Ultrasound in the Use of Hyaluronidase

        • Leonie W. Schelke, Peter J. Velthuis

        Pages 525-530

    15. Back Matter

      Pages 531-561


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