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Libreria medica internazionale
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Surgical Anatomy and Technique
A Pocket Manual
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This book continues the tradition of providing a concise, accessible, and generously illustrated refresher for both novice and experienced clinicians. It contains thoroughly revised chapters and dozens of new richly colored illustrations, which make it much easier to follow the technique and better appreciate the anatomy. This fifth edition now includes robotic techniques for each relevant chapter.  All the existing chapters have been updated to reflect current surgical approaches and instrumentation as well as a section on anatomical complications. Three new chapters on sports hernia, ablative techniques for venous disease, and on the kidney and ureter have also been added to help surgeons learn more about these structures.

The fifth edition of Surgical Anatomy and Technique: A Pocket Manual provides the gold standard in correlating clear, practical anatomy with the correct technique in the pursuit of the best possible patient outcomes and remains a "must have" for every resident and general surgeon.

  • Skin, Scalp, and Nail

    Pages 1-19

    Mullins, John David (et al.)


  • Neck

    Pages 21-90

    Skandalakis, Lee J. (et al.)


  • Breast

    Pages 91-114

    Feigelson, Bruce J.


  • Abdominal Wall and Hernias

    Pages 115-222

    Skandalakis, Lee J.


  • Diaphragm

    Pages 223-257

    Smith, C. Daniel


  • Esophagus

    Pages 259-300

    Smith, C. Daniel


  • Stomach

    Pages 301-355

    Jajja, Mohammad Raheel (et al.)


  • Duodenum

    Pages 357-375

    Elwood, David R.


  • Pancreas

    Pages 377-420

    Ramonell, Kimberly M. (et al.)


  • Small Intestine

    Pages 421-437

    Eduardo, Roger


  • Appendix

    Pages 439-455

    Eduardo, Roger


  • Colon and Anorectum

    Pages 457-550

    Feldman, Evan N.


  • Liver

    Pages 551-592

    Sellers, Marty T.


  • Extrahepatic Biliary Tract

    Pages 593-642

    Jajja, Mohammad Raheel (et al.)


  • Spleen

    Pages 643-672

    Skandalakis, Lee J.


  • Adrenal Glands

    Pages 673-699

    Feigelson, Bruce J.


  • Vascular System

    Pages 701-722

    Unzeitig, Andrew Walter (et al.)


  • Uterus, Tubes, and Ovaries

    Pages 723-734

    Suarez, Ramon A.


  • Carpal Tunnel Release

    Pages 735-745

    Seiler, John Gray


  • Microsurgical Procedures

    Pages 747-754

    Seiler, John Gray


  • Miscellaneous Procedures

    Pages 755-758

    Skandalakis, Lee J.


  • Bariatric Surgery

    Pages 759-780

    Procter, Charles D.


  • Sports Hernia

    Pages 781-784

    Hoadley, Jeffrey S.


  • Ablative Techniques for Management of Symptomatic Superficial Venous Disease

    Pages 785-804

    Ross, Charles B. (et al.)


  • Kidney and Ureter

    Pages 805-818

    Shah, Nikhil L. (et al.)



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