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Libreria medica internazionale
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Substance Abuse Disorders: Evidence and Experience
Ghodse, Herrman, Maj, Sartorius
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Substance abuse disorders are among the most prevalent psychiatric disorders and are frequently comorbid with other psychiatric and health conditions and accompanied by social problems; however, they remain under-recognized and under-treated. Many physicians and mental health practitioners receive little-to-no training in the identification and treatment of these disorders.  Approaches to their prevention include some of the major success stories in modern public health as well as some of the deepest controversies in public life. This new title in the WPA series Evidence and Experience in Psychiatry informs psychiatrists and a wide range of professional groups from health and social services about these disorders and their treatment and control. 

'Highly Commended' in the Psychiatry section of the 2012 BMA Book Awards


List of Contributors.



1 Epidemiology of Drug Abuse: A Global Overview (Maria-Elena Medina-Mora, Tania Real and Rebeca Robles).

2 Drug Abuse: Prevention (Vladimir B. Poznyak, James White and Nicolas Clark).

3 Drug Abuse: Treatment and Management (Fabrizio Schifano).

4 Commentaries.

4.1 Measuring, Preventing and Treating Global Drug Abuse (Kylie D. Reed, Mark Prunty and John Strang).

4.2 Epidemiology, Treatment and Prevention of Addictive Disorders (Pedro Ruiz).

4.3 The Global Challenge of Illegal Drugs (Neil McKeganey).

4.4 Drug Misuse – Lessons Learned Through the Modern Science (Igor Koutsenok).

4.5 An Integrated Approach to Drug-Abuse Treatment: The Role of Prevention (Abdu’l-Missagh Ghadirian).

4.6 Informing the Field of Substance Misuse: Progress and Challenges (David A. Deitch).


5 Epidemiology of Alcohol Abuse: Extent and Nature of the Problem (Jayadeep Patra, Andriy V. Samokhvalov and Jurgen Rehm).

6 The Prevention of Alcohol Problems (John B. Saunders and Noeline C. Latt).

7 Alcohol-Use Disorders – Treatment and Management (Filippo Passetti and Colin Drummond).

8 Commentaries.

8.1 Perverse Interpretation of Evidence in Alcohol Policy (Steve Allsop).

8.2 Implementing the Evidence Base (Duncan Raistrick).

8.3 Further Insights into the Burden of Alcohol Use on Mental Illness (Nady el-Guebaly).

8.4 Alcohol Issues – What Next? (Griffith Edwards).

8.5 The Evolving Global Burden of Disease from Alcohol (Joshua Tsoh and Helen Fung-Kum Chiu).

8.6 A Timely Review of Alcohol Related Disorders (Nasser Loza and Waleed Fawzi).


9 Epidemiology of Tobacco Use (Ilana B. Crome and Marcus R. Munafo).

10 Tobacco Use: Prevention (Adriana Blanco, Vera da Costa e Silva and Maristela Monteiro).

11 Tobacco Abuse: Treatment and Management (Susanna Galea).

12 Commentaries.

12.1 Challenges in Reducing the Disease Burden of Tobacco Smoking (Coral Gartner and Wayne Hall).

12.2 Public Health and Tobacco Use (Pim Cuijpers).

12.3 Decreasing the Health Hazards of Tobacco: Necessary and Possible, But not Easy (Ahmad Mohit).

12.4 Overcoming State Addiction to Tobacco Industry (Robert West).

12.5 The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: The Importance of Article 14 (Robyn Richmond).

12.6 Comments Regarding Epidemiology of Tobacco Use, Tobacco Use: Prevention and Tobacco Abuse: Treatment and Management (Yu Xin).




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