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Libreria medica internazionale
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Screening and Risk Reduction Strategies for Breast Cancer
Imaging Modality and Risk-Reduction Approaches
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This book provides readers with the most up-to-date practical information on breast cancer screening. Since breast cancers are highly heterogeneous, time to clinical onset from the initial carcinogenesis differs diversely between cancers. Pathological germline variants and driver mutations cause a high lifetime risk of breast cancer. The lifetime risks are various according to what genes are pathologically dysfunctional. Integrated omics and imaging technologies have established varying tumour characteristics. Thus, this book suggests that a more individualised scheme is required to improve breast cancer screening.

A key aim is to demonstrate how multiple diagnostic imaging modalities such as mammography, ultrasonography, MRI, PET and dbPET improve breast cancer screening accuracy. Mammography screening alone may have a limited impact on breast cancer risk prediction. These issues are crucial to discuss. Clinical experts recommend that new modalities be incorporated for women with dense breasts, like ultrasonography, dynamic mammography, MRI and maybe breast-dedicated PET. Topics on these modalities are going to be summarized in this book.  An in-depth review of these modalities is summarised in this book. In addition, new diagnostic modalities, including risk assessment tools, multi-cancer early detection tests using liquid biopsy, the role of protein biomarkers in breast cancer risk screening, challenges, and hopes for future advances, are also covered in this book.


    Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
    Advances in Breast Cancer Screening: Precision, Imaging, and Harms
        Masakazu Toi, Masako Kataoka, Ravi Velaga, John R. Benson, Masahiro Takada, Ismail Jatoi
    Pages 1-27
    Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Models and Multi-Cancer Early Detection Tests
        Masakazu Toi, Masako Kataoka, Ravi Velaga, John R. Benson, Yoshiaki Matsumoto
    Pages 29-43
    Hereditary Breast Cancer and Pathogenic Germline Variants
        Ravi Velaga, Masakazu Toi, Nobuko Kawaguchi-Sakita, John R. Benson, Noriko Senda
    Pages 45-59
    Over-Diagnosis and Breast Cancer Screening
        John R. Benson, Eric Jou, Ismail Jatoi
    Pages 61-75
    Breast Cancer Screening with MRI in Women with Over 20% Lifetime Risk
        Madeleine M. A. Tilanus-Linthorst, Emiel J. T. Rutgers
    Pages 77-83
    MRI for Breast Cancer Screening: Technical Consideration
        Masako Kataoka
    Pages 85-95
    Risk-Reducing Surgery for Breast Cancer
        John R. Benson, Samantha Muktar, Ismail Jatoi
    Pages 97-111
    Cost-Effectiveness of Genetic Testing Strategies for Breast Cancer
        Samuel Oxley, Xia Wei, Michail Sideris, Ranjit Manchanda
    Pages 113-126
    Biomarkers in Proteomics
        Dong-Young Noh, Myeong-Hee Yu, Yumi Kim, Tae Yoon Oh
    Pages 127-142
    Ultrasound in Breast Cancer Screening
        Narumi Harada-Shoji, Takanori Ishida, Akihiko Suzuki, Noriaki Ohuchi
    Pages 143-149
    Detection of Breast Cancer by PET
        Kanae K. Miyake
    Pages 151-162
    Inverse Scattering Problem and Microwave Mammography
        Kenjiro Kimura, Ayaka Hirai, Kai Yabumoto, Akari Inagaki, Yoshiharu Nakashima, Takayoshi Yumii et al.
    Pages 163-175
    Photoacoustic Imaging of Breast Cancer
        Yoshiaki Matsumoto, Masakazu Toi
    Pages 177-186
    Japanese Breast Cancer Screening: Challenges and Hopes
        Masako Kataoka
    Pages 187-189



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