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Libreria medica internazionale
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Reproductive Surgery
Current Techniques to Optimize Fertility
Lindheim, Petrozza
140,00 €


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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xvi


  2. Double Uterus with Obstructed Hemivagina and Ipsilateral Renal Anomaly (OHVIRA)

    • Phillip A. Romanski, Pietro Bortoletto, Samantha M. Pfeifer

    Pages 1-12

  3. Surgical Techniques for Vaginal Agenesis With and Without a Functioning Uterus

    • Andrea Zuckerman, Erin Fee

    Pages 13-29

  4. Overcoming the Challenging Cervix

    • Pietro Bortoletto, Rony T. Elias

    Pages 31-37

  5. Septate Uterus: Diagnosis and Management

    • Phillip A. Romanski, Samantha M. Pfeifer

    Pages 39-55

  6. Intrauterine Adhesions

    • J. Preston Parry, Johannes Ott

    Pages 57-66

  7. Intraoperative Management of FIGO Type 2 Fibroids

    • Zaraq Khan

    Pages 67-81

  8. Proximal Tubal Obstruction

    • Xiaohong Liu, Shadain Akhavan, Laurel Stadtmauer

    Pages 83-89

  9. Diagnosis and Surgical Management of Adenomyosis

    • Audrey O. Chang, Linnea R. Goodman

    Pages 91-106

  10. Hydrosalpinges: Repair or Excise

    • Jenna M. Rehmer, Natalia C. Llarena, Christine Hur, Jeffrey M. Goldberg

    Pages 107-117

  11. Cesarean Scar Defects

    • Matthew K. Wagar, Bala Bhagavath

    Pages 119-130

  12. Fertility-Enhancing Ovarian Cystectomy

    • Megan Gornet, Susan Nasab, Mindy S. Christianson

    Pages 131-141

  13. Ovarian Transposition

    • Leigh A. Humphries, Anne E. Kim, Divya K. Shah

    Pages 143-153

  14. Imaging Modalities to Preoperatively Detect Fibroid Location

    • Thomas Winter

    Pages 155-170

  15. Image-Based Surgery: Treating Fibroids You Can’t See

    • Victoria S. Jiang, John C. Petrozza

    Pages 171-181

  16. Cervical Fibroids

    • Joseph Findley, Callum Potts

    Pages 183-194

  17. Adenomyomectomy by the Triple-Flap Method

    • Hisao Osada

    Pages 195-210

  18. Uterine Transposition

    • Reitan Ribeiro, Mario M. Leitao Jr

    Pages 211-226

  19. Recognition and Management of Iatrogenic Injury to the Genitourinary System

    • David Miller, Kathleen Hwang

    Pages 227-237

  20. Retroperitoneal Dissection

    • Leigh A. Humphries, Maria Alejandra Hincapie, Ceana H. Nezhat

    Pages 239-250

  21. Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis: Diagnosis and Fertility-Sparing Management in the ART Patient

    • Salomeh Salari, Kathryn Coyne, Rebecca Flyckt

    Pages 251-267

  22. Crisis Management in the Office Setting

    • Robert A. Roman, Carey Camille Roberts, Rachel Booth, Steven R. Lindheim

    Pages 269-278

  23. Risk Mitigation Strategies for Physicians

    • Jody Lyneé Madeira, Jerry A. Lindheim

    Pages 279-285

  24. Complications of Oocyte Retrieval

    • Nigel Pereira, Victoria W. Fitz

    Pages 287-298

  25. Reproductive Surgery in Austere Settings

    • Alfred Murage, Timona Obura, Joseph Njagi

    Pages 299-304

  26. Back Matter

    Pages 305-313

This well-illustrated, user-friendly text offers a succinct overview of complex surgical sparing management of reproductive pelvic disorders, designed for the reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist and general gynecologist. World-renowned experts in these areas have contributed detailed chapters that will bolster the surgical knowledge of challenging clinical reproductive infertility scenarios requiring laparoscopic and hysteroscopic skills to enhance fertility outcomes.


Providing an understanding of when minimally invasive reproductive surgery is indicated, this book presents clinical pearls to help manage specific pathologies and strategies for managing and minimizing the risks of complications in operative laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. It does so by reviewing pelvic and retroperitoneal anatomy and how it applies to myomectomy, extensive endometriosis, ovarian-tubal surgery, septum, C/S scar isthmocele, Mullerian uterine and vaginal anomalies, and managing complications including bladder and bowel injury. Additionally, selected chapters include accompanying video segments for real-world demonstration of techniques.


Reproductive endocrine infertility specialists, as well as clinicians of obstetrics and gynecology interested in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, will find Reproductive Surgery a valuable and focused resource.


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