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Renal Physiology
A Clinical Approach
Danziger, Zeidel, Parker, Schwartzstein,
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The complexity and copious number of details that must be mastered in order to fully understand renal physiology makes this one of the most daunting and intimidating topics covered in the first year of medical school. Although this is often only a 2-4 week module during the general physiology course, it is essential that students understand the foundations of renal physiology, and general physiology texts are often not detailed enough to provide students with what they need to master this difficult subject.

This first edition, and third volume in the Integrated Physiology Series, offers students a clear, clinically oriented overview of renal physiology. The lecture-style format, conversational tone, and final Integration chapter offset the difficult and intimidating nature of the subject. Chapter outlines, learning objectives, and end-of-chapter summaries highlight key concepts for easier assimilation. Other pedagogical features include clinical cases, Thought Questions, Putting It Together sections, Editor's Integration boxes, review Q&A, and online animations -- all designed specifically to reinforce clinical relevance and to challenge the student in real-world problem-solving.

--"Putting It Together" sections offer clinical scenarios
--"Thought Questions" challenge students to use material in novel ways
--“Editor's Integrations” link concepts in one organ system to another
--Chapter outlines, learning objectives, and bolded key terms highlight key concepts
--End-of-chapter Q&As include detailed explanations
--Online animations bring figures in text to life


1. Getting Started: The Approach to Renal Physiology 2. The Body's Compartments: The Distribution of Fluid 3. Form Determines Function: the Uniqueness of Renal Anatomy 4. Clearing Waste: Glomerular Filtration 5. Reclaiming the Filtrate: Tubular Function 6. Maintaining the Volume of Body Fluid: Sodium Balance 7. Concentrating the Urine: Adapting to Life on Land 8. Maintaining the Serum Concentration: Water Balance 9. Maintaining the Serum pH: Acid-Base Balance 10. Metabolic Alkalosis: The Other Side of the Renal Acid-Base Story 11. Integration Chapter: The Case of the Marathon Runner


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