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Libreria medica internazionale
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Problem-Based Pain Management
Hsu, Argoff, Galluzzi, Leo, Dubin
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Pain management is an essential part of clinical practice for all healthcare providers from trainees and nurse practitioners through to practising physicians. Problem-Based Pain Management is a collaboration between experts in anesthesiology, geriatric medicine, neurology, psychiatry and rehabilitation which presents a multidisciplinary management strategy. Over 60 chapters follow a standard, easy-to-read, quick access format on: clinical presentation, signs and symptoms, lab tests, imaging studies, differential diagnosis, pharmacotherapy, non-pharmacologic approach, interventional procedure, follow-up and prognosis. The broad spectrum of topics include headache, neck and back pain, bursitis, phantom limb pain, sickle cell disease and palliative care. Unlike other large, cumbersome texts currently available, this book serves as a quick, concise and pertinent reference in the diagnosis and management of common pain syndromes.

  • The concise and easy-to-read format aids quick diagnosis and accurate treatment
  • Includes most common pain conditions making it a valuable reference for everyday use
  • Written by a team of experts from a diverse range of specialities


  • Table of Contents

    Part I. Headache:
    1. Migraine headache
    2. Cluster headache
    3. Tension headache
    4. Chronic daily headache
    5. Post-dural puncture headache
    Part II. Head Pain:
    6. Trigeminal neuralgia
    7. Temporomandibular joint syndrome and orofacial pain
    8. Occipital neuralgia
    Part III. Neck and Shoulder:
    9. Neck strain and sprain
    10. Cervical radiculopathy
    11. Cervical facet (zygapophyseal) joint syndrome
    12. Cervicobrachial pain syndrome, cervical dystonia and spastic torticollis
    13. Brachial plexopathy
    14. Thoracic outlet syndrome
    15. Shoulder arthritis
    16. Shoulder bursitis and tendinitis
    17. Rotator cuff tear
    Part IV. Upper Limb:
    18. Elbow DJD and elbow bursitis
    19. Tennis and Golfer's Elbow – lateral and medial epicondylitis
    20. Nerve entrapments at the elbow
    21. Hand and wrist arthritis
    22. Carpal tunnel syndrome
    Part V. Thorax:
    23. Costosternal, costochondritis, and costovertebral syndromes
    24. Intercostal neuralgia
    25. Post-thoracotomy, post-mastectomy, and post-cardiac surgery pain syndrome
    26. Thoracic spinal pain
    Part VI. Abdomen and Pelvis:
    27. Acute and chronic pancreatitis
    28. Functional abdominal pain
    29. Groin pain, ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric and genitofemoral neuralgia
    30. Coccydynia
    31. Interstitial cystitis
    32. Pelvic pain and endometriosis
    Part VII. Spine:
    33. Acute and chronic back pain, back strain and sprain
    34. Compression fracture
    35. Lumbar radiculopathy Jeffrey Loh
    36. Sciatica and piriformis syndrome
    37. Lumbar spinal stenosis
    38. Lumbar facet syndrome
    39. Sacroiliac pain
    40. Lumbar post-laminectomy pain syndrome Christine Lee and Talin Evazyan
    Part VIII. Hip and Lower Limb:
    41. Hip arthritis and bursitis pain
    42. Meralgia paresthetica
    43. Knee arthritis and bursitis pain
    44. Knee sprain and tendinitis
    45. Degenerative joint disease pain of the ankle, foot and toe
    Part IX. Pain Syndromes and Special Topics:
    46. Myofascial pain syndrome
    47. Fibromyalgia pain syndrome
    48. Pain in rheumatism
    49. Herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia
    50. Complex regional pain syndrome I (RSD) and II (causalgia)
    51. Painful polyneuropathy
    52. Pain in human immunodeficiency virus-related neuropathy
    53. Central pain and neurologic disorders
    54. Phantom limb pain
    55. Burn pain
    56. Acute postoperative pain management
    57. Pain during pregnancy and lactation
    58. Sickle cell disease
    59. Pain in critical care
    60. Pediatric pain
    61. Geriatric pain
    62. Cancer pain, palliative and end of life care (includes chemo-induced neuropathy and cancer-related bony pain)
    63. Opioid tolerance, physical dependence and addiction



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